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  1. Server is awesome but needs donations if some people could join...Tekkiters u heard me server is awesome!!!!Great community!lEveryday staff online!!Join forum www.ragemc.com make ur own towns and factions!make ur mod/admin app this server still accept awesome staff!donor ranks low price really cool!
  2. And 1 more problem there is ChestFix plugin that gets loads of problems to server 1.power flowers no more work
  3. Hmm why is server offline??but anyway its cool and communiti is great but think u need more ranks and more staff.
  4. IGN:KILBURN227 Age:16 Location (country):Croatia Have you read and agree to the rules:yes i readed rules and i agree with them Have you played Tekkit before?:Yes i did i am playing tekkit all day Have you signed up on our forums/website?:Gonna do it now.
  5. In game name: KILBURN227 Age: 16 Location: Croatia Minecraft experience to date:2 years i am minecraft Vateran player Why do you want to play on our server?It looks cool and i think u have great community,besides i whant to make my self giant factory that noone can grief (i got griefed on alot of server).I whant to help people...help server becuse i think its great!On one server i got rp2 shop and normal rp shop...i am skilled with all things! i know alot abaut tekkit and everything.
  6. when will new map come???i see server offline and i just when i got home to make red matter armor but now i cant (((
  7. why it says connection lost response cod:503 and then url when write it on internet it says google chrome couldt find url
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