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  1. U know what are some other great mods that are missing? Thaumcraft 3. And no some things in RP and IC2 cannot be replaced. For example an airship, and IC2 really allows great entry to the mod. And Thaumcraft? Well it's just great. Though 1 mod I'd love to see be updated and reworked is the Zepplin mod. The mod that was magnificent during it's active time, though now someone needs to dig it out of the grave and make it multiplayer compatible. And I can't do that cuz I am garbage at modding.
  2. I sw your thread about a new modpack in the wahle box, and I wondered if you wanted some help with creating it (I could teach you). It really isn't that hard. If you're interested, add me on skype: jacob.hoejlund.simonsen

  3. And also FYI I cant even succesfuly instal 1 MOD and I seriously mean it, even texture packs are a bit difficult, when it gets Technical I am going to fail so STFU all of you! You're all A-Holes so why bother with me... If you just feel like picking on someone then pick on yourself! Or even someone bigger than you so they become smaller! But why beat a dead horse? Hmm? If you guys don't want to give me credit then fine! Do that I just thought there could be someone who restores faith in humanity... Well I guess not. And its not making the mods cooperate, its the things you need to add in (like coding and stuff) that makes it impossible for me! So I'm going to delete this thread before it gets too ugly
  4. Well if you dont think I deserve credit then fine... But I did make the idea. An example of how ideas deserve credit, is something like infinite energy: Imagine some random guys had an idea to make infinite energy but he had no way to test it. Then he told someone about it, and they where capable of testing it. So they test it and its true. So he/she takes all the credit and when the person who came up with the idea says something about it, the person who soaked all the credit would say something like STHU
  5. Remeber I had clearly said, that I am horrible with modpacks. And Ideas are just as valuble as work since its something that causes work. And yes I know TFC changes everything which is why it needs a lot of kinks to be worked out. So AM6644 I have the same problem, Markarthian, I realize the problem. And Maxis10: Read before you write, read all of it! And you can easily infer that I cant cause such modding magic! So STHU
  6. Note I think the most capable people would be the Tekkit team. Hope you guys see this! I bet several people including me, would love to see such a thing
  7. So already we have things like Tekkit lite or FTB these have no EE2 which seems a bit op. And theres still all this stuff to do, and theres ThaumCraft 3, which is really a good magic mod, that is still easy yet difficult and not op. Then theres TerraFirmaCraft, which makes the games begining super hard! So Imagine: These mods and mod packs coming together to create a ultra hardcore Tekkit, that is really difficult in the begining, but amounts to something great in the end. There are just some kinks to work out, like world gen, metalurgy(a pretty big one) and agriculture(Forestry hint hint). And Im really horrible at this stuff, so Im giving my idea to you, the people cabable of creating magnificent mod packs. I hope I gave you a good idea. Just 1 thing, give me some credit...