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  1. Yes, I know this is for Off-Topic stuff, but since this isn't the MCPC+ forum, I figured I might aswell post it in off-topic. I was thinking, as this is the technic forums some of you guys might have tried out MCPC+ and had the same/similar problem(s) or know/have an idea why this happens. I have MCPC+ Legacy build L15, and when I start it up it just gets stuck on "Activating mod XXX", in this case StevesCarts. It got stuck on RedPower before. It takes like 20-30 minutes for it to go. That is quite annoying, and it doesn't do it on all mods. If anyone could help me in any way, then it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!
  2. I sw your thread about a new modpack in the wahle box, and I wondered if you wanted some help with creating it (I could teach you). It really isn't that hard. If you're interested, add me on skype: jacob.hoejlund.simonsen

  3. I understand. I know of 3 possible solutions to your problems. 1: Use Maxis010 ideas (make a mod/modify IC2) 2: Set the explosion power of a nuke down (it changes the radius, not sure if it changes what it will blast through, if it does, then you'll have to find a place where the nuke is small, but still big enough to destroy reinforced stone) This is how it looks in the config # Explosion power of a nuke, where TNT is 4 S:explosionPowerNuke=35.0 3: Disable Nuke and make TNT able to blow up reinforced stone and obsidian. I think there is a bukkit plugin that does this.
  4. Never mind, I see it. It's under "Create ModPack".
  5. I am probably just blind, but I can't see platform page. Could you help me? Sorry for being such a noob.
  6. I'm pretty sure that inside the IC2 Config you can set how big an explosion should be (I think it's diameter in TNT, I'm pretty sure that default on tekkit classic is 35, might be wrong). I suggest setting it to 15-20, as I think then they would still be pretty powerful, but it would require many nukes to totally ruin the landscape.
  7. I dont see any "Force Directory Change" icon anywhere? Is it in the launcher? About the other people using the pack: It'll be private (as I haven't got all the author's permissions to make it public), but I guess anyone asking for it could have it.
  8. So, let me get this right: 1. I make a folder outside the .technic directory (in Roaming/%appdata%) 2. I press "Add New ModPack" 3. I copy the link 4. I press "Change Folder" 5. I choose my folder 6. I install the modpack, and everything should be working Also, thanks for helping me!
  9. Hello, I'm having a problem with the GregTech Addon for IC2. I'm trying to make a modpack (It will not be public, so I will not be disrespecting any of the mod authors), and I want to add GregTech. I have installed latest Forge for 1.4.7 on minecraft 1.4.7, and I have IC2 1.115.213-lf. It should work correctly, however each time I add GregTech to my mods folder, this happens: http://pastie.org/7372700 . I know that it doesn't say anything at all about GregTech, but it must have something to do with GregTech, as it only happens when I try run minecraft with GregTech. I have spoken to GregoriusT (the author of GregTech) and he says that I need to change the filepath, something that only happens if I use the Technic Launcher. I know absolutely nothing of Java or modding, so I was wondering if someone could help me fix it. That would be very appreciated. Thank you for reading. EDIT: Thank you, theprolo and nedned2k for helping me. This has been answered, and I think this thread can be closed/deleted.
  10. Um I am quite new to server management and that stuff. Is it good to have 44.33MS/500 Ticks on the report?
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    Kit Bug

    Edit: To fix this, simply delete the server-side NEI (located in /server/mods/)
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    Kit Bug

    Title: Kit Bug Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: Jre 7 Description of Problem: There is a "kit" bug which allows players to take stuff from their single player world into a server. This does only work on some servers. For all of those of you who doesn't know it, here it is: 1. Go into a single player world and take all the stuff on you that you want 2. Click on any of the "Save" buttons so that ONLY 1 of the buttons show "Load" 3. Exit single player and join a server 4. Die in any way (sometimes suiciding doesn't work) 5. Click on the "Load" button 6. If it works on the server then you should now have your stuff, if it doesn't then nothing will happen I would just like to know how to fix this bug, since I know some servers have it fixed. Thanks Error Messages: Error Log: