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  1. Updates have only been added to the 1.4.x branch for a while now, as there's really no point of working on things that will most likely have changed or removed in current versions of mods.
  2. 1.4 version won't work properly with the current version of Tekkit, the 1.2.5 zip should be fine.
  3. That's strange, it should be there (make sure you're not looking in the railcraft/client/textures as that's not used for 1.2.5). Maybe try redownloading it, esp if you last downloaded it from the google drive, as sometimes certain files didn't get downloaded when they should have for some reason.
  4. Covert changed the layout of the sprite sheets in the MC 1.4.x versions, so textures made for them won't work. Fortunately I figured this may cause issues when I textured that, so the fix for this particular problem is easy, just go to the railcraft/textures folder, and delete the "gui_coke_oven.png". Now rename "gui_coke_oven_NEWVERSION.png" to "gui_coke_oven.png", and everything should be peachy :)
  5. Just to confirm, there does indeed seem to be an issue where for some reason the terrain.png file sometimes doesn't get downloaded from the Google Drive, and to be honest, I'm not sure why, as it doesn't appear to affect any other files.
  6. Just to remind everyone that the Dropbox version, whilst eaiser to download, will most likely be to some extent, outdated, and thus it's recommended that one downloads the Google Drive version as all updated textures are saved straight to that.
  7. Just to let everyone know, there is now also a JSTR thread over at the MC Forums (HERE), so feel free to discuss over there as well, as it may help to get this pack out there to a wider audiance :)
  8. I did replace the RP gem textures last week, although I'm not 100% happy with them, they should hopefully stand out less Also, the block showing up weird when held is an Optifine bug, there is a patch to fix it, which I believe should be in the Optifine MC Forum thread.
  9. Just to let everyone know I've updated the pack to support Railcraft 6.7 and Buildcraft 3.1.8 for Minecraft 1.4.2, although as always there may still be a few bugs or Faithful textures.
  10. I haven't worked much on CC, Laz worked on those, but I think the problem may reside to the version of CC you use. The one in Tekkit (1.3) is outdated and a lot of things have changed in later versions. The Creeper heads are new in MC 1.4 :)
  11. Just thought I'd let everyone know I've been working on some of the new Railcraft 6.6 stuff: Some cool new power generation stuff has been added, although it's only for MC 1.3/1.4 so not compatable with Tekkit (the RC texture path has changed so it won't affect any of the 1.2.5 textures).
  12. Well considering that item textures are one thing I'm terrible at, that's a blessing in disguise XD
  13. Shame as it would have been nice to credit them, or even see if any more textures were made. Will credit John Lemon Reminds me of this thread over at the MC Forums I found a few weeks back, doesn't seem to contain much though and it doesn't appear much progress was made, but it does contain these textures.
  14. Right I have added most of those textures to the IC2 item sprite sheet, expect for the ones that already had JSTR textures. They look amazing I have to say, I was wondering if you know who made them by any chance?
  15. Most of the Forestry GUIs, Block textures and some item textures are already included.
  16. Just to let everyone know, I've added the EE GUIs and some new textures for the BC Pipes EDIT: Since 0.8, Lots of new content was added, such as the Forestry blocks, new IC GUIs, Charging Bench support, Railcraft blocks, and other bugfixes.
  17. Many of the Forestry blocks should be in the next release, along with Railcraft.
  18. It looks like you're using an old version of Forestry, try updating to the latest 1.2.5 version ;)
  19. That's diamonds, I thought I'd give it'd vary it a bit from the RP gems.
  20. The chest icons should be fixed in the next version. As for the Railcraft stuff, all of the things you have listed are relatively recent additions, and thus probably aren't even covered by Faithful, hence the blank textures, but it should be fixed at some point in the future hopefully :)
  21. Anyone here who uses Forestry might be interested in these The only GUIs that I haven't done at the moment is a few of the trade station ones, but other than that they're all there. I am aware of the issue that some of the GUIs have text that overlaps other elements or is unreadable, but I'm not really sure if there's anything I can do without making them look hideous. Quite a few texture packs I've seen in the past suffer from this exact problem when it comes to dealing with mods :(
  22. I've made a start on Forestry GUIs, but it's no longer included in the Technic Pack so I'm not sure if you want to include those, however it's a mod that I use. You might want to use some of the gui components for the Buildcraft GUIs so that it's consistant, so let me know if you don't like certain things and I'll see what I can do One problem I'm facing is I can't seem to find the tab textures that appear on the right hand side of the Forestry interfaces, so they will look a bit strange until I can figure it out.
  23. Hi everyone, haven't had a chance to check back on this thread for a few days, and I see quite a bit of progress has been made. I have been busy wrapping up some of the Redpower stuff, but I see some of it has already been done, so if you decide not to use some of these, it's fine with me You can find the texture files here: http://imgur.com/a/hez34 ...and a few more screenies here: http://imgur.com/a/9AyxZ I have done all of the logic gates except for the light sensor (which I forgot), however there seem to be some stray pixels on the Array cells that I can't seem to track down. I have completed all of the GUIs (although some may still require some fine tuning), but anyway, hope you enjoy :D
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