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  1. Joining teamspeak is always fun even if you are not on minecraft. To me it is a rewarding experience overall and it is way easier than typing everything out. You do not have to have a microphone to join either!
  2. We have been experiencing a lot of players that enjoy killing others in their homes so I will repeat this again home killing is a bannable offense. Please refrain from murdering others in minecraft. Thank you and have a wonderful day!
  3. At the moment we only have a temporary spawn so we are looking for some good builders to help us build a new spawn. Contact a mod or admin ingame if you are interested.
  4. There will be pvp events, a mob arena event, a spleef events, and possible a red vs blue event, and a king of the hill event.
  5. Ok I have jailed braxjax for doing so after I caught him doing this. So one more time for him and he is going to be perma-banned. Merzlinz I have not seen doing so I will watch him though. Most of the time I tp to spawn if I see the death.weapon message.
  6. A total of three or more events will be held each day. We are going to be working on a mob arena and a pvp arena, but for now all we have is a spleef arena which you may have seen in the screenshots above
  7. Wow I never really expected that type of response from spleef. That is amazing. Also thank you guys for the compliments!
  8. My spleef arena. Where the spleef event will be hosted. Very simple, but I like it.
  9. Next task is to build warps for cardinal directions. New players are building just a little too close to spawn. Already have some warp signs set up next to the spawn exits. Check them out!
  10. First prize was an enchanted diamond pick (with efficiency 4) and two darkmatter! Spleef Events will be held twice or more each day. Look forward to it!
  11. We are also working on a warp board at spawn to get to many different locations throughout the map. There will also be a special donator factory with machines that can be used only by donors.
  12. I think it took us roughly a week to build, but most of the work was done by the always amazing admin TMG_Ninja. If you see him ingame make sure to compliment spawn :D
  13. I know the first post is not the best because TMG posted it in a rush. I had made a much nicer one, but you know how that goes. We had taken tekkit down before because of all the bug troubles we were having and donations were a little slow, but we also did it because we were trying more to focus on the main server. Now that the main server is running half decent we have decided to put tekkit back up.
  14. It is fantastic to hear that you enjoy playing on here. It is players like this that keep me motivated to keep updating the server and what not. Both Narwhal and you Envi have made my day. Thank you for posting something positive on here!
  15. Ok Number1Taco, First off I want to apologize for players that spawn kill. If I or any mod or admin is online, please report this to them I have been banning/jailing players that have been spawn killing. These players half the time are 5 year olds that do not know manners. Stephen is still the owner by the way and what is not original on this thread. I would like to know for future reference? Have a great day, Taco.
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