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  1. -Age 15 -Eastern, Ohio -I know the basics, and most of the missile stuff for Voltz, though the nuclear energy stuff Im still new to. -I always prefer to work with groups, so alliances or factions are always cool with me. Though I do prefer to be part of smaller teams, 3-5 people, rather then the superpower 50 man empire. -I'll only fire enough missiles to knock you out for a bit so you stop bothering me with your missiles! lol So I won't be launching the entire NATO nuclear stockpile at a dirt hut Also, IGN is Fuzzy_CommieBear (same as here)
  2. Name: Alex Age: 15 Country and Time Zone USA, Eastern IGN: Fuzzy_CommieBear Hobbies: I am currently trying to learn how to sketch, draw, and color using a computer, as I am attempting to work on a comic series for my school's newspaper and an online forum I'm a part of. I frequently play Paintball. I'm a big fan of video games, mostly Strategy games. I'm really into Sci-Fi, and fantsy movies, shows, and books. Tell us a bit about yourself: well, I'm a people from Ohio, going to High School. I can speak a very small amount of Spanish ( Yo hablo un poco espanol. Didn't use google transl
  3. This was the best Tekkit Server I ever found, and I really hope it doesn't shut down... Also if were going to whitelist, my IGN: is Fuzzy_CommieBear (same as forum name )
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