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  1. No your graffiti is too good for a train it needs to be like the side of a building.
  2. Railcraft is kinda fucked so here's a technic train?? A tiny shitty train for nerds.
  3. I like to hit blocks with a pick. Doesn't matter if it's a iron pick or a stone pick any pick. I'll even hit gravel and dirt and sand with a pick because switching to a shovel takes too long. I like it when the block finishes mining it makes a sound that I picked it up. DId you ever have a full inventory and didn't got the pickup noise and you don't notice and then you go to leave and you realize ooops I didn't pick up them ores? I think this is a mining anecdote we can all relate to.
  4. try "getfucked" and "assman22" those are two of the best worlds I've ever played.
  5. I'm really sorry about your lag. Sending some mad e-prayers your way.
  6. You should do something cool, maybe go big time. Like there's so many little servers but I've yet to see one that really went big time. If you don't know what I mean then maybe you shouldn't be trying to step into the server game yo
  7. Micro-blocks are priceless as such their value should be either infinity or 0.
  8. You guys have all fallen into the same trap of violence and weakness. The best ranged weapon is communication. A musket might do amazing long-range damage but your enemy will re-spawn and the hate will continue. Talk to them, make friends with them (at long range) and you will find not only victory but friendship.
  9. I got my taint removed by a doctor but it's important that you go to a real doctor. There's creams out there that say they're "almost as good as surgery" but all they give you is an itchy taint.
  10. A computer to play technic is a good question and one that many have pondered. In previous ages any old computer that is PC or PC compatible would be highly recommended but with technic things can get a bit more complex and it's recommended to get a 3d card that has integrated pipe-physics or even go all out and get a stand-alone pipe physics card. This only applies to single player as on a multiplayer server the server will be handling all the pipes which is why technic servers need pro hosting with many K's of ram. Hope this post helped and happy crafting.
  11. Get over your self and just disable that shit. I hate magic and guess what I fuckin' love technic. Don't use it or if you run a server do what everyone else does and disable what you don't like. You are in control so don't shit the bed and complain about your magical turds.
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