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  1. I have same problem, can anyone help us, please?!!
  2. Hi, after a long time I didn't played tekkit I want to play and I am looking for small and nice community server. Is anybody know a currently running server like this?
  3. I succesfully ran a volts server, but no matter what I do I can't install plugins in the server (I see that many did this). It seems to ignore the plugins folder at anyway I tried. Can someone upload his own server folder with plugins so I could download it please?
  4. thank you nevermind, I solved this threat closed
  5. I want to combine parts of the two packs but every thing I tried not worked. I will be glad if you will help me out.
  6. I saw the 1.4 update and I thghout to myself how it will look like if it will be in tekkit and then I just not feeled right that tekkit will be updated to 1.4 beacuse the combination of what in tekkit now and what in 1.4 now seems to me opposing which other beacuse 1.4 became more mystical and tekkit is more Hi-Tech things and stuf. What do you think about that?
  7. hi ,i built a dance floor for tekkit *Mod Edit: Random Youtube link removed.
  8. not just, it also has sound effect and solution for loosing your remote. I don't say I did a whole new system.
  9. please comment if you like or have another opinion. click here
  10. Hi, I started a new awesome project where I build fully functional battle space ship. please check it out and tell me what you think. if you want to follow the project please subscribe.
  11. Hi, I started a new project where I developing things that finally will be part of a giant fully operational starship that I will build. pls subscribe and tell me what you think.
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