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  1. We will take care of the spawn campers! Besides that, how is your experience on our server so far?
  2. I someone is caught spamming they will be jailed and/or have the items that they scammed you with given to the rightful owner.
  3. Guys we are now making a new town for players! Special thanks to sorryjzargo for making it!
  4. Yes! We now have an average on 30 players online! Nice job staff, keep up the good work.
  5. Thank you. I try to write positive things about this server because I think it deserves good feedback. I really wish more players would join more often..........
  6. Fun Fact: We are one of the few servers with MCMMO that actually works with Tekkit!
  7. Update: We no longer have Towny........... But we are now getting 5-7 new players everyday!
  8. A player called DarkMeep picked up an iron shovel............ and can't join? Can you guys fix this. He just donated 60$
  9. Guys you should come check out mine and Dhutch's shop near spawn! We sell lot's of items and other cool stuffs.
  10. Bitch please, you broke several rules CawubbBro. There is no reason why you shouldn't be banned bro. :D
  11. I'm glad to see how quickly the staff fix bug/problems. Just as the post about the Philosopher Stone was made the problem was fixed. It is hard to find a great server like this one who helps their playerbase as much as this one does.
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