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  1. Hi all, I tried creating a custom modpack server and seemed to have numerous issues setting up. After removing the mods that seemed to be causing the problems (which on a feed the beast server had worked fine together), I still get error messages. Except this one doesn't seem to be mod related. The error I keep getting is: Does anyone know how to fix this? Or are any of you better at creating custom modpack servers then I am? Please help. UPDATE: I just noticed that I put Not Enough Items in the server mods folder (Derp), although now removing it, it crashes on startup now (i
  2. Whenever I run my server the command module always says 'Cant run railcraft. Folder is not in GZIP format' and when I log in to my server I always get a white screen, but only when I log in on my server and no one else's. Should I uninstall rail craft? Will that cause any more issues? Will that fix lag issues which many players were experiencing? Please reply as I'm working on something very important in tekkit. Thank you, Joel
  3. Sorry about that. I'm new to the forum but I fixed the issue so sorry for annoying you all, I just thought it would be easier if I reported a issue which appeared similar i might get suggestions on how to fix it
  4. Hey guys. Getting the same problem. I've updated my graphics card, java and laptop yet it still displays a white screen just after it shows the mojang logo
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