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  1. fragnet is indeed nice, also whyt is your tps? essentials/memory command will tell you, if thats constantly 18+ then it either the connection ( a working factory can take upt to half meg/sec ), or some plugin hook in the blockbreak event, are there any logging going on over there?
  2. i would recomment fragnet, !strong cpu!, multiple locations, good for tekkit!
  3. you need some kind of error, or you cant find the bug, or you can try to remove mods 1 by 1 and see if it's load up, if yes, then remove just that mod, start up the world, forge will remove all blocks from just that mod, so you loose some of the blocks, just make shure thet you have a backup from your world before
  4. any error? crash? SMP? anything? On my server, if i wait a while after the hang, it usualy say something, once caused by a world anchor, thehen it was a corrupted ic2 block for me. Worst case create a backup, and put your region datas in, a fev at a time, so if it is a corruption, then you at least will know where, and you can delete/repair/regen just that part of the map
  5. just dont forget to back up the world first!!
  6. as last resort, remove the mod ( del the mod from mod folder + del config , but don't forget to back it up ), start up the server, so forge will see that something is missing, then shot it down, put the mod back, and it should work, but all your dimensions/doors/riofts etc will disappear
  7. not stucked, its done, that is the last message of bootup
  8. jepp, just replace the TekkitLite.jar, create a plugin folder, and copy your plugins there as you would normally, oh and either remove the forge what you installed, or start with a "clean" server from your zip file
  9. i would recommend mcpc then http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus-Legacy/ you just need to replace the thekkit.jar forge is built in it, and heavily optimized
  10. the last one is a download error try again, maybe it will grab the files next time but if you want to start a new server, just grab the new tekkit server, unzip it, and it should be fine if you want to do it manually than make shure thet you have the config files too, i can help you more if i'll get home,but i can't ftp out from here, so i can't chk my current structure :(
  11. seems like there are problems with the transformat mods, whyt have you exactley done while install? did you properly unzipped all the mods/mod configs?
  12. did you changed the config file? if yes then check for tabs, if it's yml format that i can't contain tabs but spaces!
  13. You are wellcome mate! Have fun with lua!
  14. the API is in the mod, you just need to write a program, if you did not saved it to a floppy, or labeledd the computer then your code is a goner, also, you dont need to create any directory with hand ( except if u have file permission problems ) go ingame start up the machine then label set somethinganythingstringy then edit and save your code chk the folder, it must contain the code not shure about the placement, i think they all stored in their respected world eg: the_nether/computer PS: the API is between 2 programs, so they have some "unified" interface
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