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  1. Uninstall .Net Framework 2.0. Download it from microsoft.com and reinstall it. Also, there's a lot more information you should provide with your bug report. We need your version of windows and what revision of Java 7 you're using, for any future bug reports.
  2. If Forge ran, then it created the forge logfile. Please post it.
  3. This is a modpack bug so you've posted in the wrong forum. However. This glitch is, to the best of my knowledge, related to IC2 and has no fix at this time. When your sound starts glitching, the only thing to do is save and close Minecraft and then reopen it. That resets the sound system until the next time it glitches.
  4. Not sure you're aware of this. The exe only downloads the jar and launches it. There are countless tekkit and technic players, including myself, that do not have a 'massive ram leak' when using the technic launcher, so the problem lies with something in your setup.
  5. There's a truly huge amount of mods that come with Tekkit, and it's trivially possible to build a world that runs in Tekkit/Technic that slows your game to a literal crawl. Try using MagicLauncher and adding 30+ big mods to your game and then tell us it's our launcher's fault that more mods make the game slower.
  6. I've been called in to try to debug this, so I'll do my best. First let's get the following out of the way: If you haven't yet, check out http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/attempted-to-place-a-tile-entity-massive-chunk-errors-not-a-tekkit-bug.340/ Let's also try to pick out some common factors. Are all the 'vanishing' blocks of a certain type? And can we try to make a list of the coordinates where the errors have or are occuring? You said you've seen it with your own eyes, do you mean blocks vanished/changed in front of you while nobody was interacting with that chunk? That would
  7. Vanilla errors almost certainly aren't tekkit related. This looks like something you should try to reproduce with the normal minecraft launcher and then report to the Minecraft bug forums.
  8. This can be related to your system language. If your windows language is not English, try changing your windows language to English (not the input language, this is the language your menus are in) and deleting your %AppData%\.techniclauncher folder.
  9. There is a patch for this issue, but it is not yet released. Currently the Windows launcher will not successfully launch under Windows XP. Use the Linux/JAR file launcher instead until we get it fixed.
  10. For the curious searcher in the future who also has this problem, this error is caused by a corrupt .Net installation. You'll need to uninstall and reinstall ".Net Framework 2.0".
  11. I believe this is the solution: https://yogscast.com/showthread.php?63687-Help-with-a-mac-quot-The-action-%93Run-AppleScript%94-encountered-an-error-quot Good luck, sadly Mac isn't my area of expertise so if that doesn't work I don't have many other suggestions. Somebody really ought to write a Cocoa version of the whole spoutcraft launcher at some point, that seems like a hole that needs filling.
  12. There is, I believe, an option somewhere to disable quarries. Let me see if I can find it, that should fix your problem. (seconds later) Found it. Look at %AppData%\.techniclauncher\technicssp\buildcraft\config\buildcraft.cfg general { # set to true for allowing machines to be driven by continuous current current.continuous=false # set to true to load pre 2.2.5 worlds pipes loadLegacyPipes=true mining.enabled=true Change mining.enabled to false and you should be able to get in without terrible lag.
  13. Yes Jorcer, that is possible. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Mac system so I can't write the script. There are howtos scattered on the web though.
  14. The first set was merged 2 days ago by luisantonioa, but I just sent another one related to a newish bug this morning. Also if the 'official' launcher comes from a different repository than https://github.com/TechnicPack/Technic-Launcher-Updater then I sent them to the wrong place.
  15. Delete %AppData%\.techniclauncher. You've corrupted your tekkit installation and it must be reinstalled.
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