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  1. ok so I have some resources, and want some help on a server to become feared (;
  2. mystcraft is boring anyway space is the way to go.
  3. Lol, every server I play without mystcraft, is fine, with just fucks up everything.
  4. just disable mystcraft, 5 people on and is at 1000ms, mystcraft just makes it lag.
  5. cool, ill check it out, the only thing I'd suggest disabling is mystcraft, it just ruins the feel of the spacey wacey atmosphere, not only is it laggy as hell, people can just hide in the world..
  6. ok so I have been away from this site for awhle recently came back to this new tekkit thing... I have a sever we can play on, but looking for someone who can team up with me and set up a base etc someone to teach (: btw sever is not mine, it's a public one.
  7. so yeah, these seem very very hard to find, and the ones I do find closed down, or still has some sort of limits.. pretty much looking for a server on the latest update of course, but with no banned items, I could however accept mystcraft disabled.... but pretty much looking for an anarchy server so let me know.
  8. don't fill it with tons of plugins... on top of tekkit.. its going to be lag.
  9. well if you guys can not find a server, then my server is pretty much the same, it's hosted on an 8 gb ram dedi server, and has pretty much no rules, apart from no hacking/duping, no banned items etc so if you guys need somewhere else to go, then check out my tekkit server. it's also a full anarchy...
  10. they do have host, but there is a panel host and is really cheap, mine is physical dedi server, I connect VIA remote desktop, and I will let them use it, since I am not using it anymore and it cost me abit of money, so I think someone else can get a use out of it.
  11. SHAME ): cause I like this server, I have a 8gb ram dedicated server, if you want to use it adren, I have tested it on tekkit, and had a few members on, it never crashes or laggs, if you want to use it then get in touch.
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