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  1. At first I thought this was going to be about the mods themselves. I mean, IC2 reactor cooling mechanics are changing alot for one. Water Cooling no longer works and Coolant cells will be replaced with fans. Also it might go to EE3 which has no Collectors, Condensers or Red Matter. But I suppose this is worse. No more "protection" and other plugins.
  2. Just another thing, I didn't realize this for a day, but you need transformers and storage upgrades for anything more than 5 overclockers in general. They increase power consumption so you will need your machines to store more power and accept more power.
  3. Aren't these kind of things against the rules? Regardless, I am disregarding your post at the end because you ignore the rules. No, just kidding, I don't feel like sending an e-mail. I am skilled in BuildCraft, IC2 and EE. I know a decent bit of Vanilla redstone. I also have some skills in ComputerCraft, although more on the basic side. Plus, Hamachi? That's only good for private servers. For public servers everyone will instantly say no the instant they see Hamachi unless they already have it. It's a useless extra step the players have to take because the server owner is too lazy to port forward. Just a tip if you ever want some more traffic.
  4. Well, from your OP I can tell you're giving them the right IP. Note that when you set a static IP, your IP might change a little bit. I will try to connect, maybe your friends are having connection problems?
  5. Wait, doesn't Minecraft automatically remove blocks added from mods not installed?
  6. So, then if Tekkit switches to EE3, won't that mean alot of people with RM, swiftwolfs, and Gem Armour will lose some expensive stuff? This is especially true with Gem Armour.
  7. Generally, you should leave the server-ip section of the properties blank. You might also want to set a static IP. This stops your IP from randomly changing on you.
  8. Pahimar (creator of EE, did I spell his name right?) is developing EE3. Tekkit uses EE2 I think. EE2 will be updated, but not before EE3. EE3 has alot of changes that are supposed to make it balanced, I also heard condensers and collectors are no more. This would probably have a huge effect if Tekkit/Technic switched to EE3. Does anyone know if Tekkit will use EE2 or EE3?
  9. People sometimes grief the wiki though. I went on once and someone put the word "penis" a few times in the middle of the article.
  10. I do realize that RM armour protects only 90% of damage. But for him to have killed me in one shot would've required a damage of over 70 hearts. This was what initially led me to believe he was hacking. However, the Owner (only admin online at time) said that he initially saw no forms of hacking.
  11. Apparently, according to a guy on this server I was playing on, his kill was entirely legitimate. I was wearing full RM armour with 7 hearts of health that was slowly regenerating. He one-shot killed me. The logs said I blew up so the admins and mods assumed that. However, another player (my near-by brother) said he used a diamond warhammer. When I went back with DM armour he one-shotted me again. The logs said he did kill me. He claimed that the diamond warhammer can one-shot anybody if it gets a headshot. Can someone confirm this? If he is indeed hacking, I will report him and he will be banned. If not, well, I'll probably make myself a diamond warhammer.
  12. This small exploit I found involves gold. Basically, in a collector, condense gold nuggets. Put Gold INGOTS in the bottom slots so that they will be turned into EMC. Then, use the nuggets you got to craft ingots again. Repeat. For each gold ingot you have, you get 5 EMC. If you have tons of gold, tons of EMC. Hook it up to a collector, even better!
  13. Just wondering, but will there potentially be a change to the mod versions in Tekkit? Some of the mods included in Tekkit aren't at their latest version. In fact, it looks like Tekkit uses the earliest 1.2.5 version of the mod. For example, ComputerCraft is currently at version 1.42 (Mod version). That is for 1.3.2 (Minecraft Version). There is however, a version 1.41 (Mod Version) of ComputerCraft that works for 1.2.5 However, Tekkit comes with version 1.33 of ComputerCraft. Version 1.41 has more features and several stability and bug fixes according to the developer. I used ComputerCraft as an example, but I am confident the other mods in Tekkit have more-up-to-date versions that are still compatible with Minecraft 1.2.5. I posted this because most newer versions have more features and things like bug fixes. Who doesn't like bug fixes? Basically, I am just asking WHY hasn't the people at Technic updated the mods to more current versions that work with 1.2.5? I see no reason why not? More features is generally good and bug fixes are definitely good!