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  1. IGN: udderofdoom Why do you want to be a moderator? because i would like to help alot on the server, and help other players alot, i would also like to administrate the server, but not be an admin, I would also like help on my several projects, and only select players will actually get to know what they are, admins and other mods will to though. How would you moderate the server? i would definitely do what is right for the player, whether it be helping them with tekkit or giving them advice, i'm always all ears, and if you get to a players weak point or my weak point and go straight for it and tease them or troll people or me really badly, first ill mute you for a little while then i will kick you if it continues, repeat the steps 3 times and tell you to stop and remind you, then i will temp ban them and if that kind of problem goes on for an hour i will ban but only when its the only choice. and i will do whatever it takes to do the right thing, for the players and other people What is your experience as a moderator? iv been a mod on just about 15 servers and admin on others but they all shut down due to lack of funds sadly.... although i have been a good or awesome mod on all of them What Timezone are you in? (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) thank you for reading this.
  2. thanks, your a helpful owner, unlike on some servers all the admins ignore you and talk to the more "important" people, but this is a good server and one of the best I've been in so far, but can you clarify what EE items are banned and which ones you can buy?
  3. when i try to join the server I get stuck at the logging in screen but it doesnt happen with other servers, help please? i think server should restart
  4. Ok This server is AMAZING its thought of everything and they made the things work, its pure GENIUS -udderofdoom
  5. IGN - udderofdoom Age - 11 Have you ever been banned? Why? nope Experience with Tekkit? a good 6-8 out of 10 why do you want on the server? im looking for a place to finally set up my plant and coffee research facility and i was wondering if i could do it here.
  6. Re: JWL Gaming Tekkit server! [Towny] [lockette] [essentials] [jobs] [logblock] your in game name. udderofdoom your timezone.pacific time (Canada) Why you want to be a mod. I would love to help out the other mods and new players on the server and be part of the team to keep the place orderly What previous experience you have had. i have had mod experience on 2 servers, i have been admin/owner on one too a cool thing you have, or will built with tekkit, it doesn't have to be detailed, just a brief explanation. a huge watch tower/ CN tower / power plant. thank you,
  7. ok what you people are getting is a simple white screen chunk error, best way to avoid is try to get away from the bad chunk, so turn render distance on tiny and run while you have time before you might get it again and never look back, this is a mistake that I did and screwed me over and i got the white screen after youve got out, tell an admin to use mc edit to take out the bad chunks or at least where they are close to because this happened to a town in towny and the admin took out the whole chunk patch to stop you from getting close and in other words, you gotta request for a new world. hope this helped. EDIT: basically what you have to do is get away from the bad chunk so it doesn't load.
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