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  1. finally worked for me...seems to come and go....not sure whats causing it but just keep trying the launcher eventually you'll get through.
  2. I'm Also getting this error. But i can login to regular minecraft fine, so id dosen't seem to be the minecraft login servers.
  3. what about RedPower?? i cant find the config anywhere to change that false player name..i also tried manually creating the players but that didnt work either...
  4. compwiz91


    I'm also having this problem, i was having it also with the [buildCraft] player but it seemed to sort that out on its own...i tried oping and adding [RedPower] to the pex user list with the * perm but so far nothing seems to work...
  5. Re: Tekkit mods don't play well with Towny? i tried adding it exactly like you had and im still getting spammed with failed to fetch resident: [Forestry] i also tried oping [Forestry] and '[Forestry] with no success....did op every fix his problem?
  6. doing /reload didnt change anything as soon as it was reloaded it started spamming console again.... just stopped...possibly related to a players inventory being messed up? someone left then the errors seemed to stop shortly before it said he disconnected. Hmm I'll update this again if the problems comes back but for now it seems to have stopped.... thanks anyways guys.
  7. Not sure when it started but i got home from work to my server console screaming "[info] Repair is Active..." 10+ times per second....Dosen't say much else. Sometimes it Says Player Found then repair is active. I just tried restarting the server and the Player Found part stoped but still getting spammed by Repair is active...It's not a very felpful message as it dosent say what is repairing or what its from a mod or a plugin or the map.... Other than that im useing the default tekkit mod's minus Advanced Machines. Some stuff is disabled in the configs but i havent changed any settings since i started getting this error...Server seems to be working fine other than console getting spammed by this error. Thanks for any help possibly,