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  1. IGN: Shurken Age: 20 Skype: Yes How often do you play?: Not a lot, but I was trying to find an aotbt server which I would play A LOT on! Favorite Game: Most games that my friends play, LoL, and hopefully minecraft again. I haven't really played a lot of minecraft because nobody I know plays it but when I played FTB a while back I did nothing but play minecraft with a small community(10 people or so) Favorite Anime: I don't watch a lot of anime anymore but I liked bleach a while back when I was a teen! Other Games you Play: LoL, Gmod, Rust, Unturned, CS:GO, BF4, really whatever I can play with friends lol
  2. So if a hosting site for a server isn't great how would I run the server? Do you suggest I build my own computer to host the server on and if so, could you estimate how much it would cost?($200-$400-$600-?)
  3. Hello! My name is Shurken and I want to make a small 10-20 person AOTBT server! I was wondering what the recommended RAM and server specs I should have for a 20 person server. Also, any good hosting sites that you've used in the past or present would be greatly appreciated!
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