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  1. I'm running the recommended build. I get errors when I try to update. I'll download the latest redpower and use the textures from that. I did warn you redpower had problems. xD I'm going alphabetically through the mods folders, and "redpower" comes a bit late.
  2. Updated with IC2 wiring, and ccsensors excuse me--block textures for thermo-whatever-it's-called.
  3. Thanks! And THANK YOU. Now we have a playable pack. Reuploaded (it's not a new texture, but at least it's there.)
  4. Hey, I just wanted to stop by and leave this here for you all to use. It's not finished, (redpower in particular is lacking some awkward textures, and there's one mod I'm not familiar with that has a half dozen invisible blocks), but other than that it's playable. I've just been replacing all the textures for myself. At some point I'll do this properly, with the sharing of the textures and the tidy readme files, but I think this is alright for now. Scott's notes are included since I used some of his textures. I also used three or four Jolicraft textures as a base for some EE stuff. I went a little steampunk. If any one knows what the file location for the blulectric wire texture is, it's driving me insane.
  5. I've been updating this texture pack to 7.1.0 (dev), for personal use, adding missing textures, and slowly working on replacing all the textures that weren't originally included, like so: Would it be more appropriate to add my updates onto this thread, or to start my own? Or is there reason to share at all? (I have to find the rest of the missing buildcraft textures before anything else happens, though.)
  6. I know I'm a newb around here, but I've been lurking for a while, and I'm pretty good with graphics. It takes literally minutes to do a simple batch re-size for a folder of images with CS4. It's quick and dirty, but if it's helpful, let me know what images need doing. (If I weren't so busy, I'd offer to help clean them up too, but such is life.)