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  1. You can get Rei map like HnS. You just need to set it up right and make sure you have the right add'on installed. or it use to. I have not used the old minecraft and mod for nearly a year now xD
  2. I'm looking to join a tekkit (or hack/slash) group Hello LP maker('s), fan('s) or who ever you might be. (cat, dog, fish. . .) I'm MazeElwin (same as my IG name) and I'm looking to join a tekkit group. But I'm a little picky. I'd wish to join one that's rather smart, by this I mean your willing to use a wiki or your to-many-item's mod to find out how to make item's. I don't want to have to explain the same item to people over and over again, I'm trying to get away from this. (I'm stepping away from a town I currently own in a server with a mass wooping amount of player's who all range about 10-15 years of age what sorta take me to my next demand). I'm looking for players who are rather mature, or atlest one's that understand not to grief our project's or kill us over and over and over...(my last LP team spent 3 days with how to kill a maze...was not very amusing for a LP based on trying to make a factory but I must admit it was funny at time's. I think they like my reaction more or less) And the most of all I much like players who speak then who do not. So info on me- IG?- MazeElwin Age?: 20-24 give or take Skype?- yes or teamspeak, Vent, mumble or w/e I got alot. Are you funny?-No I'm not bloody funny I'm just a nut case with a wire's and a hammer. but please what ever you do with me, don't leave me in the dark. it's scary in the dark. IE: I've been in LP vid's before I don't try to be funny i just say odd thing what might make people laugh. Normally if you having a good time with your Lp group then that means your Watcher's will lighten up and enjoy the ride. As I'm looking for a group to join.~ Able to host server?-no Record?-no If you like to check out some of the stuff I've done ingame, just seek out MazeElwin on this server And if you like to ask me more questions add me on skype or pm me.