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  1. Are you still working on this EarthApocalypto? Are you up to to releasing anything?
  2. I didn't know what you were talking about, since I haven't touched it. but a Google search brings up this news: So RS changed it without me even knowing. Long story short: I made a public folder & stuck it in, so you should be able to download it now from the same link as before. Thanks for notifying me.
  3. Yeah that style is pretty cool & appropriate. Just note that you've only got 32x32 pixels to work with. Not many! What I sometimes do is take a real-world photo (or a composite with a few pasted on each other) and shrink it down to 32x32, then I'll tweak it in Photoshop pixel by pixel.
  4. Thanks. @EarthApocalypto, EE hasn't been touched yet. Right now there's a mix of the Sphax & T42 versions in the .zip so it's at least not the 16x default, and it doesn't look too out of place. But it's not ideal. I might get to it sometime, but if anybody else wants to take it on, go for it!
  5. I didn't even realize. Sure. Any suggestions? Edit: Ok, I got it up on RapidShare. I don't think that requires an account. I was working on a new portal and it looks good now, so I couldn't resist putting it in. So that's new (that's what the "a" at the end of the file name means.)
  6. Thanks. Give us a link when you get it going. FYI, in packaging it in the zip, for some reason the new "mob" folder didn't overwrite the old one, not sure why not. So that means zombies will be floating heads again. You fix that by putting the old zombie .png from an earlier version of Summerfields into the "mobs" folder inside the zip and delete the other zombies. (You also need to do it for the zombie_villager, pigman, and zombie_pigman.) So it's easy to fix yourself if you want, but give me a minute & I'll put up another zip with that fixed too. Edit: And here's the new upload. It's the same as the last one, except with the zombie & other mobs fixed so they're not floating heads: Edit2: Here's some screenshots of the newest things. Watching the new portal ripple is kind of cool IMO. (I adapted the negative image of a looping top-down water wave gif.)
  7. Hello all. I thought I'd upload another update. This includes Cuddlewoozle's work on Buildcraft & Mocreatures, PixelGent's stuff, my stuff, and new things like some Thaumcraft stuff, jewel equipment, other stuff. I used the new stone Pixelgent used, but if you like the old stone, I left it in the pack, just take off the "_old" tag on the key textures to get it back. There are a few other individual preferences I have in there, but I think most people are used to switching around a few of their favorite individual textures around. Here's the download:
  8. Checking the main SummerFields thread, I noticed CuddleWoozle's put a link up to BuildCraft support (minus the GUI). So that means the basics of IC2 & BC are covered at least.
  9. I've done as much as I was going to do for now. If I did more, I'd want to see what Pixelgent did so I don't overlap with his work. So I'm at least waiting for his update or release.
  10. Sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. It's fine for me if you want to put my download link in the first post. Pixelgent's release will be more extensive than mine though; but it doesn't hurt to have both of them there.
  11. Mine? I built off the Sphax pack and didn't touch the lighting, so it's going to just have Sphax's still there (or maybe I pasted in from another pack, I don't even remember now.) I don't have them in my world so didn't see it to QA. Sorry if it's weird. Pixelgent is apparently coming out with a much more detailed set so it should be fixed then.
  12. Re the indigo flowers: no worries. I was already talking like this should be a collaborative project, so use anything you'd like from mine. You keep saying overworld, but I hope you can do at least the nether ores too, since there's only a few of them and they stick out. Another thing you should do is use the old Summerfield versions of the zombie, pigmen, & pigmen zombie mob textures, so the mobs don't look like boxes (since Technic uses an old version of MC). Oil is Buildcraft, animated I think... I couldn't find it either, but there are some suspicious black textures in the bottom right of "net\minecraft\src\buildcraft\core\gui\block_textures.png", maybe those?
  13. Wow just too many textures. Well I've done enough that if you loaded another Technic-ready texture pack (I like T42), and then put Summerfields on top of it, then loaded this texture pack on top overwriting the other stuff, it would hide the seams (like the ores and flowers), so it'd at least be playable with Summerfields. Anyway, here's the latest version I'm leaving it at for now:
  14. Thanks! Moral support is important too. Here's many of the industrial craft machines... macerator, extractor, compressor, recycler, canner, electric & convection furnaces, electrolizer, miner, and mass fabricator. (I also re-did the water mill to a little better looking one, and that's in there.) Edit: Here's the latest WIP link.