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  1. Check your "Lightmap" if its using that reddish light map.. its too dark for me @texture modders can i use your dlink so that i can edit the main post of this thread so that anyone interested in the summefields texture pack can easily download it?
  2. wow the ores actually looks good on smooth stones are all the ores fixed?
  3. dude the lightmap is too red. i think that is the default light map of the summerfields... try to remove it so that you can see the actual default color inside caves its placed in the Environment folder of summer fields~ but all in all the look good! far better than what i have made for myself :3 ill be downloading this to have a test run
  4. if you didnt save it as PNG. all the translucent images like water or the single images like saplings and other images smaller than a block will have white backgrounds png lets you save images with transparent backgrounds or semi opaque images
  5. the most useed program would be Paint.net or GIMP.. you can also use photoshop~ just as long as the editor can save a .png file~
  6. im trying to edit my own copy of summerfields using the technic pack support of sphax... i more or less copy paste existing images and recolor them~ the only problem i have is that the technic sphax somehow overitten the sprite for my iron gold and diamond... the one that is animated
  7. I know right? Too bad there isnt any mod support for this texturepack when it comes to Tekkit or technic.. i checked the main thread and somehow only Mo creatures and balkans weapons had support
  8. FUUUUUUUU!! FINALY! Thank for your help.... ill try this ^_^
  9. FINALLY! a proper guide ... Can someone PLEASE pin this in this thread so that it wont get pushed back
  10. o_o i cant seem to find the download link in the 1st page... anyone can link me to the download link?
  11. Any links to your text pack? and no rush~ i would just have to endure seeing the default 16x skins of the mods
  12. Hi guys, can any texture pack maker here make a simple guide on how to make/edit the Technic/tekkit texture pack? Where to get the textures? Explaining which textures changes what How to increase the resolution to x32 x64 x128 x215 x512? Links for pixel art tutorials/lessons (in case there are any)
  13. can you post a DL link for the group of files needed for the Technic/tekkit textures?
  14. Can someone link be to the BuildCraft support for the Summerfields texture pack?
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