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  1. (Friend filling out application from my account because his username isnt working) In-game name: bd1514 What do you like to do in minecraft?: Build stuff, make amazing structures using imagination and the power dreams Which number has a larger positive value: 1000
  2. He edited it then i told him it would probably be more noticeable if you made a new post
  3. Name: Attackazack Age: 19 What do you wish to accomplish: I don't enjoy joining big groups as much as I do allying with them. By this i mean I like to stay on my own (or with my friend katzzzz who will be applying too), but making myself valuable to larger groups by trade or other reasons. The reason for this is I don't play the game to have to get permission to do anything by "the boss". Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yes What is the purpose of a macerator?: When an ore block is placed in it, and it is being powered by EU, the block is ground into tow dust. They can then be smelted. Other things I should know: Not much, I'm not a greifer and I get along with everyone pretty much. I also like to help people learn the basics.
  4. Your In-game name- attackazack What do you like to do in Minecraft?: Me and my friend Katzzzz (she is also applying) enjoy building interesting things and finding efficient ways to produce things. On our last tekkit server we made a semi automatic bakery, producing bread, cookies, cakes, and coffee, with minimal interaction besides inserting materials. Which number has a higher positive value?: I've never heard the term "positive value" butt I'm assuming it's 1000 that would make sense. Unless you mean "absolute value", in which case it would be -1500
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