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  1. Thanks guys I've re-added Dynmap - minor changes would be slower map updates & removed The Nether and End maps showing. Also re-generated both the Nether & End so more glowstone & fight the Enderdragon if you wish.
  2. As neil said, we're not opped. Unless someone griefs spawn with lava and we need to op ourselves to use world edit. If we're opped we wouldn't be able to obey the Residence permission, therefore make it extremely unbalanced. (and boring)
  3. Thankfully is backup, who's up for a big ruckas? Land a kill on 2 out of 4 mods/admins and unlock the "Admin Slayer" rank on the ranked tekkit server (unlocks the majority of items)
  4. Please welcome Thundercoyote to the moderating team. Treat him as you would treat us.
  5. Hey mate, we're just doing a small bit of maintenance to increase performance, should be up very shortly.
  6. I've just been looking through your chat logs and there appears to be a flood of "your mum this" & "your mom that". Followed by: [37;22m flamepanda66> You want spam? [37;22m flamepanda66> YOU WANT SPAM? You were then asked if you wanted banned, to which you replied: [37;22m flamepanda66> You want grief? which you then followed up with an array of "bark bark" "ruff ruff" spam. Sure, I'll go ahead and unban you this instant.
  7. Thinking of getting the first competition up and running soon, how would people feel about a bit of creative building?
  8. Yeah that's the general plan mate - once the main world starts picking up a bit i'll sort a 1k x 1k mining world that can be re-gen'd every now and again.
  9. Seemed to have had a good number of players from here so far, just wondering if anyone has any feed back or requests?