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  1. @lukeb28 The griefing was actually unbearable, about every day we found someone that did some sort of griefing and every time one of us gets on after about 5-10 mins you'll see 2-5 new people banned, it's ridiculous. The process to having another admin on our server is so tedious and we couldn't think of adding more admins without trust, we can't just add people that we somewhat trust to admin when the slightest tick could have our whole server within a few minutes while either Kratos and I are gone, there has even been times where that's happened between Kratos and I. If it was possible to add someone to admin with the 100% guarantee that nothing bad will happen because of it, we'd do it in a heartbeat. Especially in this era of gaming where 80% of gamers are either trolls, griefers or both. If we change to Vanilla, it would still be so much easier on our shoulders. I'm not sure if you've been on the server the same time as me, but everytime somebody asks me about something regarding tekkit, I usually don't have an answer for them, because there's so much stuff in tekkit I just know the regular stuff. I'll be able to fix things easier when Kratos is asleep so that he won't have to fix things that happened hours ago. I know pretty much every body that was on our server before will not go back to Vanilla, but it is a more comfortable and easier server to manage. We are very appreciative to hear that you guys thought our server is the best, we really are. But as far as the greifing/complaining that goes on our server every single day... there's only so much we can take before we can't tolerate any more of the ridiculous people that just live off of messing with other people's servers. And although it's very unlikely that you guys will come back after this, our server will be open to you guys whenever you want on Vanilla in about 2 months. Thank you for reading, DeathAngel
  2. Does it say you're still a Starter? Lately we've been having some problems were certain people will sign up and link their accounts but for some reason it doesn't automatically promote them to Normal_Builder. EDIT: Nevermind, disregard this post. Apparently we already have this problem fixed. lol
  3. If you were already on the server before and have been on for a long while, once you sign up on the website and your application is approved you will be automatically promoted to a Trusted_Builder. EDIT: You also have to link your minecraft account onto the website, once you've gone on the website again (After you're application has been approved), you will be asked two different options to link your account. Since you need to have played Vanilla 1.4.2 for the first option, we recommend you do the second option instead (it works for tekkit). And luke you're application has already been accepted just come back on the site, link your Minecraft account and you should already be a Trusted builder if you have been on the old server quite regularly.
  4. We are unbanning auto crafting tables for trusted players once the server is back up and running. To see the full list of every banned item on the server, go to: http://tmachq.net/banned
  5. You've probably never been on our server before so let me bring you up to speed. (*ahem*) Hi, my name is TMAC_DeathAngel, I am the Co-Owner of the TMAC server and, for that matter, the TMAC clan in general. We're sorry you don't have the time/patience to fully experience our server, but I can assure you we are a well-respected server with very nice regulars that go on our server. For example: We have had many compliments from our members on how understanding and considerate we are to our members. We have actually had members willing to help us any time something went wrong. Griefing is down 90% from our members and admins collaborating together to make our server better. Members have the utmost respect for us and vice versa, due to us being so interactive with our members and always willing to help. Rarely do we ever have anyone complain on our server, and if there is such a person, our members always have our backs and sometimes they will answer to the disgruntled member for us. We will actually unban some items for trusted members, but it takes time, so that people who intend on griefing on our server REALLY have to work on it, which makes it less likely for someone to grief on our trusted worlds, also allowing trusted members more freedom to build and not have to worry about others ruining their day. So, in a nut shell, we really have a well-respected community where every body works with each other and people love being on our server. So, before you try to continue trying to talk down our server, go on and try it when the new server is up. Then give us your feedback personally and we will deal with it accordingly. But thank you for your concern with our server, we will definitely take your comments into consideration so long as you do the same with ours. I'll be sure to reply with anything you need. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Sincerely, -TMAC
  6. lukeb28 Is there by any chance you are running a texture pack that could have messed up somewhere to where it doesn't show lava? I'm just throwing a suggestion out there, I don't know much about pluggins and stuff like that.
  7. By the way Ike, I would like to see that footage of said livestream so I could see for myself. I wasn't on the server at the time of the incident and I'd like to see some proof myself. So if you're willing, please send it to me via private message and I'll gladly look at it.
  8. Sometimes I really wonder if people really are as black and white as they seem. You do know that someone has to be aggravated enough to act stern towards people that are giving a server a hard time. And yes, I said stern, because you don't seem to understand. And I'm SO SORRY that we're not so "happy" and "loving" and "caring" all the time on the server because once someone does something that could hurt our server's player count, then yeah, you have to put your foot down. Yeah sure, maybe a ban was a LITTLE much, MAYBE but: 1) As Kratos said, there are other servers out there in the Minecraft world, so really, why bother arguing about it? and 2) By the way you are reacting to being banned, I say it is a good thing to keep it that way. Why would we let someone like you unbanned from our server once again? So that maybe we could have a guest that is angry with our server (such as yourself) potentially grief or spam the chat while the admins are away? Yeah, I'd rather not take that chance. So you can kick and scream all you want. But know this, you are banned and you are not going to have the chance to be unbanned for the safety of our server. And you can also try as you might to talk us down and make us look bad, but we will always have nice and respectful/respected Minecraft members on our server. And on another note to finish your quote there: If you had a sense of what maturity/immaturity is, then you wouldn't have tried to keep this going as long as it did.
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