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  1. Would like to join up on a small tekkit server. Willing to use Skype, Ventrillo, or whatever other chat program (just let me know, and I'll dl). Been playing on my own, but my current system really isn't powerful enough to host others (only 4g ram waiting for a little more money). I am a mature gamer (29). Also, don't mind if you're doing a youtube thing, just let me know ahead of time. I am currently playing with redpower, and am pretty good with IC and BC equipment, as well as EE (sometimes you just need to fly), Still learning railcraft... I am from California, USA. I work a varied schedule, but can be on pretty much everyday. I've come up with a few interesting buildings... Currently, I haven't worked with world edit, but if you're looking for that I can learn. Currently running the newest version of tekkit. I will put in my post if/when I join a group, until then I'm still looking.