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  1. I tried but all i can find is servers with half of the game restricted
  2. Hi if there is anyone out there that owns a small Tekkit server and wants around 3 more people to expand there server a little, me my brother and a friend have been searching for a white list server for a while now and cant find anything. I'm 17, my brother is 13 and my friend is 17. we don't do stupid shit, we just like to collect resources build and etc. so if anyone is generous enough to let us into our server thank you.
  3. no kurt i was talking to the Admin or Ks7 or who ever decides who gets white listed lol
  4. and if your interested i could show you my private server that i host personally, and me and my friend and my brother play on if you are curious about how we build before you whitelist me
  5. In game name : Derekm I'm 17 years old i live in Massachusetts, USA I have been playing on Minecraft since alpha 1.2.6 or Beta 1.1. i cant quite remember i want to play on the server to just play a survival tekkit and just play with a community and hopefully my Friends if they get whit listed. And just as a question and dont take this as im gonna go crazy in the server, but is there any restrictions to any items because its just annoying to join a server not knowing if there are any restrictions? i couldn't find any in the writing above.
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