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  1. thxs for the link i got it to work by replacing with and had to delete the /world/data/tablet_(name).dat that was there. you mite also have to delete your world idk cause was try to fix this on a fresh world
  2. So i just got a new server today for me and some friend. We loaded a map that was on my friends PC he loaded it up(via FTP) and started the server with tekkit 3.1.2(1.2.5). when we got on everything was working but EE's transmute table. so i looked for errors in the logs and there was none and then we reinstalled technic launcher thinking it was client side. we deleted all the files and got new map and mods. also went back to 3.1.1 still had the same issue. any1 have a fix for this or some ideas all help is welcome *fixed* post #3