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  1. What did you have in mind for the banner/headers? I could probably knock something together in photoshop.

  2. Can't get on the server for more than 20 seconds at a time and i'm constantly lagging to the point that I can't interact with anything at all. My connection was just upgraded and I'm using a new, more powerful computer, so whatever is causing this is not on my end. Let me know if you find out anything. Update: Managed to get on semi-stably a day or two after I posted this. We'll see how things progress and I'll holler if there's any further problems.
  3. I.......I'm just going to try and contain my laughter while I make final adjustments to my new super nuclear reactor array, safe in the knowledge you won't get to blow it up. :D
  4. Grr, I knew it was him! Although not hard proof that's a pretty strong indicator.
  5. Server appears to be down for some reason, was working fine about 30 minutes ago.
  6. I was JUST finishing rebuilding my new base, but I'm okay with a new world if we have to, I would however like to keep my inventory and get a few basic things back that I'll be losing from the world. I would also like to suggest 3 things: 1. Disable seeing people on dynamap or disable dynamap. Because people can see where everyone else is and anyone wanting to cause trouble knows where to target. Makes it impossible to hide your base if people can see you in it on the dynamap. 2. Minimal Spawn. I'm not saying don't put anything at spawn, but a simple lit room to land in or a path leading to the nearby town would be good, keep the load down for one of the most oft-travelled places on the map so that people don't have lag trouble where not needed. If they want to settle in a town then they can go and do that, but please don't build it on the spawn area again, it certainly caused problems for me 3. Try out the seed "Minecraftia". It's one I've been using for a while and has a very nice layout and variety of biomes close at hand. Even if you decide not to use it in the end, give it a look.
  7. Recommending this mod for the server, although not 100% sure what the compatibility is it looks like it wouldn't interfere or have problems with new tekkit blocks. Check out the video on the page, some amazing stuff. http://slimevoid.net/littleblocks/
  8. I'd love to see it sometime, and frame motors too if they are what I think they are. :)
  9. In game name: Wargarbl Age: 26 Location: Sydney, Australia Minecraft experience to date: Lots of experience with vanilla MC (except for potions, never used them much) and slowly familiarising myself with Tekkit. Strong at IC2 basics and just recently got the hang of most of EE, looking to learn more about RP and RC in the near future. Not much experience working with nuclear reactors either but I can make a low-end safe and functioning reactor. Why do you want to play on our server?: I like to play long-term and work on large projects that need a lot of care to detail. The few servers I have joined previously have all either changed completely to introduce new features/mods/rules that made this hard, performed map wipes repeatedly over the period of just a couple of months, or have gone offline entirely as the owners have lost interest and no longer wish to keep them running. This looks like a good place I can focus on building long-term in a range of projects (because I'm very eclectic in my tastes) from seafaring vessels to castles to high-tech facilities. Hope to hear a reply soon.