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  1. A Friend Aplication In Game Name : Guunibert65 Age : 17 Minecraft Experience: Play Minecraft from alpha and Tekkit for 6 months Why do you want to play on our server? I heard from Mamatovi that the server is cool and there are nice people and staff.Wanted to play tekkit on a whitelisted server so i can be sure no one will try to steal my stuff.
  2. I just played tekkit in sp and i build a house. I learned the base items.
  3. In Game Name : Mamatovi. Age : I am 17. Location : Romania/Europe. Minecraft experience to date : I have played minecraft classic,minecraft alpha,beta and tekkit for 5 months. Why do you want to play on our server? I want to play with awesome people and want to see if my buildings are good. I played on keralis creative server and the admins said i am a good builder and i should try tekkit because it haves more blocks. So I searched a nice server and here i am .