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  1. Minecraft Username: Masteri_Mori Age: 18 Tekkit Experience: A few months SSP, I know a lot of IC2, most of EE and BC, and a bit of RP2 Ever been banned? Nope Why This server? I want a small, friendly, relatively new server which I can go on in my spare time, and doesn't ban every item Additional Notes: I also have plans for something in the nether that can't be done on SSP, so this is why I'm looking for a good server. Thanks for considering me.
  2. IGN: Masteri_Mori Age: 18 Reason for joining: Want a small relatively new server with friendly mature people that I can access in my spare time. Have you read the rules: Yes Tekkit experience: A couple of months SSP, but I have plans for something in the nether which I hear only works on servers.
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