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  1. I run a B-team server and I need to allocate more RAM to the server. I have 64 bit java and 64 bit windows 8. If I've missed a forum that already discusses this, I would love a link. I have an allocate.bat but I'm not really sure if it's relevant, where it needs to be, or what the text inside needs to be specifically for B-Team.
  2. Title: Teleport pipes connecting to way too many others! Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows Vista Java Version: recently got the latest java... don't remember what it is. Description of Problem: I am trying to supply power from some hv solar arrays through energy links to a refining facility using power teleport pipes. I recently noticed that even with three seperate hv flower arrays (around 24 energy links) My refinery is receiving little to no power. I looked at the teleport pipe itself and it says that it is cnnected to 514 other pipes and rising! Every minute or so it rises by 50 or so teleport pipes. I have a total of 6 on that frequency. Two are pumps for the oil, one is for the teleport pipe in the refining facility, and 3 are for the hv flower arrays. I also noticed it was doing this on my waterproof teleport pipes. Error Messages: Error Log: