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  1. Hey ks7, I have a request to make. Could you move my new volcano base closer to town? It is approximately 3500 meters away right now, and that's far enough that nobody will ever see it, save me. I have gone ahead and written the coords down. They are as follows: Volcano: -1431 +3579 the y is from a little below 60 to around 150 Destination (hopefully): -159 +288 I added a pillar of scaffolds there for your convenience. and the seafloor would be the base y. If i am overstepping any bounds here, please let me know. I plan to make the volcano a cafe of sorts, with ~10 zeppelins floating around it, varying the design of course. I appreciate your reading this, Fetherblaka
  2. I saw a force field with an enormous eye in it. What are the rules about force fields?
  3. um i was following that corridor to a mushy island. i may have caused this.
  4. I think a fresh start with some firmer guidelines would do wonders for the server. Examples: No nukes No dimensional or world anchors. Quarrying Re-beautification Plots for housing and bases Limited Whitelist and COLLISEUM FTW It would keep the world beautiful and organized, all while reducing griefing, and lagg. It, of course, is completely in the capable hands of ks and I trust that he will make the best decision.
  5. In game name- Fetherblaka Age- 17 Location- United States, Iowa Minecraft experience to date- Began playing vanilla a year ago, started technic and built a very wonderful empty city for myself Why do you want to play on our server?- Technic gets lonely after a while and I want a new place to build where things don't stop the moment I leave. I also look forward to making friends in various gaming communities, especially minecraft. Your server sounds quite wonderful and I really look forward to making it more beautiful! Thanks! EDIT: I figure that since you mentioned the Yogscaast, I may as well mention that I watch every single release of BlueXephos, Sips, Sjin, Rhythian, Hannah, Duncan, Martin, and Nilesy. I may have a bit of a fascination. :P
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