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  1. In Game name: del429 My Age: 18 Where am i from: Central QLD (Australia) Something about myself: Not too much. Doing UNI for now, recently lost my job dur to the fact i needed to go Part-Time from Full-Time. I need to find something to do when at home and not in the mood to study. Why do i want to join the server: Just want to find something to do, in my spare time.
  2. What is your username?: del429 What is your name?: Conner How old are you?: 18 Location (State or City & Country)?: Australia, Central QLD Have you ever been banned? If yes, why?: No, Not that i can think of (hold on I've been banned once but not sure if it is a real banned or what. It does not tell me a ip address or a reason. It tells me nothin just that i have been banned once. Not sure if that counts) Which mod packs are you most familiar with?: Tekkit and Ultra Modded Survival Pictures, videos, or descriptions of things you have built: I do not have any Pic's or Vid's of things that i have built, but I can build above average and very flexible. Are you community-oriented or a solo player?: I work best with a team. Do you have a microphone?: Well yes I do Are you willing to participate on a regular basis in TeamSpeak3?: Its much better than typing in Minecraft After getting settled are you interested in joining the rTr clan?: Matters if I can get alone with most of them Why do you wish to >join our server?: I enjoy play UMS. I would like to find a good server that i'll look ford in playing for hours How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Haha. Since I was about 15 when you could craft in Minecraft when it first released How long have you been playing modded Minecraft?: No longer than a year At what times do you typically play?: I can not answer that cause of uni coming up for me (hopefully) Are you willing to donate?: I donate if the server shows that it will stay up for a long time, so that I get my money's worth Are there any other games that you play?: Just paid for Day-Z. I am hope-less with walking in that game but i am trying to get the controls working. How many hours a day do you play games?: That is a hard thing to answer since I sometimes help out in the community and studing to prep up for uni. Do you have hairy arms?: Different question to ask someone online but yes, I do Are you willing to get involved in community events?: I do like to help out with things to fill up my time. Please tell us something about yourself: I'm 18, lost my job not too long ago cause of my boss wasn't happy about me going from Full-time to Part-time when most of the employees have quite. I am a funny guy, easy to talk to and a good listener. (Maybe why this towns thinks im gay) Other than that I'm a easy to get along guy. Do you agree to the rules?: Yes. I am more than happy with the Lava.
  3. In game name: del429 Age: 18 Where am I from?: Australia (QLD) What do i like to build: Castles, Towers, Fancy/Different houses or buildings. What do I like to do mostly while playing: Alchemly, building Why do I want to play on this server?: I am looking for a good server to play UMS Do I have teamspeak 3: Yes I do but with the voice chat. My pc has it built in and i havent set it up as of this moment
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