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  1. Want more slots? Feel free to donate, that way we can have more slots eventually. If we just open more slots now, it will lag horribly, which still needs to be sorted.
  2. So, I would like to start this sad moment off with FUCK! and SHIT!. My laptop screen, is just absolutely SHATTERED...I am sending it out today, and should get it back in a few weeks, as that's not the only problem. So, I won't be on everyday, and if I am it won't be more than 20-30 minutes, because it's not going to be my computer. Sorry guy's, but i'm just pissed atm...Love ya all
  3. Agelii banned for the following: Insulting staff Spamming Raging Caps locking Dissing server Was originally jailed for supposed hacking, he raged, and got muted, said if we muted him, he would come back, and continue to again, so I waited it out, and it continued so I had to ban him, sorry to see you go like that bud
  4. When file get's the chance, he will review all applications. Don't 'keep it updated' so much.
  5. You've sent the same thing about 4 times. Not going to get accepted/denied any faster by repeating it. But, I can almost certainly say that it will be denied.
  6. Hello, I am just starting to do some LP Series' and would love for you guy's to check it out! I have a kind of messed up mic, so my audio is poor. Getting a new mic headset so that the LP's will run more smoothly Thanks for viewing them [Happy Thanksgiving!!!!] Possibly Like, Comment, Rate, Subscribe? Thank you very much! Channel
  7. Server is back up. It's 3.1.2 still, since 3.1.3 has MANY Bugs, and errors. So we aren't upgrading just yet. sorry for the hassle, and thanks for your guy's patience!
  8. I will, going to do a LP series with file once the Empire is done. Anyways @EVERYONE: Server is down, we are upgrading to Tekkit 3.1.3, and there has been a small error. Do not worry, there is no map reset *As far as I know* And no other reason to fret about this downtime. When it's updated, we will test to make sure everything is all set and safe for other players. I will keep you updated on here as I get info about it.
  9. You're insinuating that you can run over a hundred blocks WITHOUT Quantum on, and no Mods/Hacks? Yeah, that's what I thought. You will NOT be unbanned, nor will your IP. Feel free to whine all you want. You were banned for Speed Hacking/Using modded/hacked client. I personally banned you.
  10. Hello guys, I am currently going to be restoring my computer back to factory settings, meaning I won't me on for a bit so be good!!!! Hopefully all goes well with the restore, if so I will be on in about an hour.
  11. Got another video up, view my channel at http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCneOua9IvK8Bb_SUzuhc4pw?feature=mhee
  12. Hey guy's, I made a skyblock LP video, and if I can get my Tekkit to run more smoothly, I might do some stuff on the server, but regardless here it is! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRcAT26hLes Comment, Like, And maybe Sub? Your friendly Admin
  13. Everyone, the server has been corrupted somehow *Ironic, because I am corruption* but all commands will kick you. Server is shut down until file gets how to fix it, and or attempt to. We would greatly appreciate you remaining calm at this time, and to the few of you that decided to break the rules in this dire time, you WILL face consequences.
  14. Muted stuflo19 for excessive cussing, used the /f desc and 'fuck you, I'm aloud to swear...ECT.' So I kicked him, he came back and said 'Lame' with /f desc Kicked again with 'Last Warning' as the message, came back and told me 'Fuck you, I can swear file lets us swear ect.' So I temp-banned for 1 day. Any further threats, or rule breaking this could result in Ban. Also tried to make me not able to type, with 'here final, you don't want to shut it, I will make you' 'there ur shutted'. Good try stuflo, sorry that you couldn't follow the rules, but you may want to read up on them. ~Regards, Ryan/Corruption
  15. @Assault, It shouldn't be. If it was, it was because I restarted it and whitelisted it so you wouldn't strain the server with the reset, and joining on the server. ~Regards, Ryan/Corruption
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