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  1. THE RETURN OF YOUJIZZFACE96 Hey ks7! im back....ive been off for quite a while because all my computers broke and i havent been able to fix them and ive had alot of personal stuff going on! i was wondering if i am still whitelisted as i got my laptop and may be able to play a little! and im hoping to get new internet providers as the ones im with atm suck! if i am not whitelisted could you whitelist me again as i wish to return as im missing the server!!! thanks -YOUJIZZFACE96
  2. I may have left a machine on because it let me log on so i turned it on then it kicked me off and kept coming up with the javascript warning thing......and i may not be on for a while because i havnt got a decent computer to use!! !
  3. But thinking about it its up to the people that got handed it to decide whether to chuck it or keep it allthough it is a bit cheaty some people may want to have it so they can create big things....i have some but when i get bored of building things ive got the location of an open lava pit so ill just launch all the cheaty crap in there......
  4. Im on another comuter and i cant get onto the server....do i have to be whitelisted again?
  5. In game name: YOUJIZZFACE96 Age: 15 (as you can tell from the name) Location: United Kingdom Minecraft experience to date: Been on a few servers with tekkit and have had minecraft for a long time and i'm quite experienced Why do you want to play on our server?: Because their are not many dedicated servers that are a good way to experience tekkit into further depth,and i am quite a character and think i will get along with everyone on the server ! Thanks YOUJIZZFACE96
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