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  1. Umm. Can you explain a bit clearer? I didn't really get that.
  2. @Nolz That's not the problem, It doesn't even show up that there's two pipes connected. @hotelmariofan I will have a try.
  3. That just completely crashed the server.
  4. Where do I go to do that? Alright gonna do that now Still not fixed.
  5. This is not a first time problem, It happens every time anyone goes to place tp pipes on my server.
  6. Yeah they are both on the same frequency and ofc in the same dimension.
  7. Yes, We have a world anchor at both of them. and the same person placed them.
  8. Title: Teleport Pipes not working Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Home Java Version: 1.7.0_09 Description of Problem: The teleport pipes are connected on the same frequency but they don't say they are connect and they don't work.
  9. Awesome! Just make sure to check it didn't remove anything.
  10. It would usually be because you didn't save properly when closing your server. in your world in the server directory just remove railcraft.dat and run the server. It shouldn't remove anything from the game.
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