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  1. @ Voodoo I can take it over until you come back voodoo and keep it stocked. ^ ^ Hopefully you won't be gone for a very long time.
  2. Hey ks can my son be whitelisted. His name is SoraLionheart. His age is 11 but he's very mature and quiet. He's more so to himself type player, he's new and starting out with minecraft. So he's never been on a server or anything. He'll only be on when I am on and i'll surely vouch for him he's a well behaved young'n.
  3. What is it you're looking for as a banner i should be able to help. Just give me the details and i'll make some examples.
  4. I'd like to express my interest for an ftb part it does have things that the new tekkit doesn't have access to and i'd like to play you guys on there as well. Narziez also has an interest in it.
  5. Okay my store isn't selling much food, I'd like to request if i can sell my art in the server. I have artistic talent and would like to build a museum that people can go and look at the work and hire me for murals of things they may want at their houses or in certain buildings. The problem is I would need an large area to work with for the museum so if an op can designate me an area, i don't even mind if it's on water I'd be greatful. Murals usually require quite a large space 64x64 preferably. Here is my art so you can see intend to make pretty pieces.
  6. If I might intrude in on this discussion and give my input please. I am a creative player/builder I tend to like larger projects and don't abuse EE. I use it for it's intended purpose to exchange. An example of that is if i have 4 stacks of cobblestone and am out of marble i use the equivalent to exchange it to continue my project. That still hasn't stopped me from digging out mines and exploring. Nor slow down my creative process etc. I believe in honesty it boils down to the type of players we all are. Someone gave me a stack of red matter but all i did was store it and use it on occasions to replace lost things from rollback or refill my star. I have the Mk1 and haven't created higher for the simple purpose to keep fueling my star as my project is pretty massive and I'm gearing up for it. I tend to like to build with my own blocks piece by piece however I also use the catalyst. Which helps a bit in shaping the land the way i would like. I say all this because EE used in a different mind set isn't so op. Then you have to conclude that it should be used as a means of exchange. For the size of things i would like to do i would hate to ask for a spawn in of things, as that's no better than EE. At some point what i build will be limited because i can only use the resources i'm supplied. What I am trying to say also is this, that the choice for applications i believe needs to be more inquisitive of who goes on the server. I also feel that the rules need to be flat out explained upfront during the application process. That the number of applications does need to be limited if the server has a 20 limit of people and 40 applicants apply and are accepted than when all 40 people place tethers and what not then understand thats 40 areas actively running when the limit should be 20. That then boils down to should machinery be used at all times even when players are off line. Which considering the size of the server limit that answer should be no. Players need to start making things with an off switch and their areas when off line need to go inactive. Say what you want about it, EE isn't the only op thing if you can go afk for days and leave a machine running and sorting without having to play at all for days on end to get your materials. Does turning off the machines also make the game more challenging yes i believe it does, will it take you longer than usual yes it will, however the idea is not to gather everything in mass within a couple of hours or days it's to play the game over a long period of time is it not. In my opinion if we start banning things then for sure its' a slippery slope to turning off quite a lot. I believe in honesty and in just my opinion that the server size of players needs to be reduced down. Applicants need to have a trial period of 2 weeks and demonstrate their creative process. At some point their needs to be a cut off period of applicants once a certain quota is filled whatever the server op has decided. When one player is banned or inactive for a while without notification as to why, than a position can open up for a new player. Along with in the application status understanding of the rules of the server is clear, which means demonstrating more than the willingness to play without griefing. It needs to be stated what type of player they are, what do the plan to build on the server, etc. The server also needs to be able to restart itself not just back it self up. A fresh restart helps clean out some of those calculations that build up.
  7. AWWWW! I had the cutest kitty costume too, to go trick or treating in.
  8. I had a really nice building going too. so close i hope i don't lose all the reinforced glass i made.
  9. lol mil, just odd though cause the server seemed to be fine. Then I was like oh no server is crashing and bam there it goes. With so many things that can be the cause i wonder if the ops should do a server sweep and inspect everyones place to see what the culprit is.
  10. I opened a convo with you epyon on the forums though i don't know if you can see it or not. Sigh i'm almost curious if we should start a new map over with a clean slate. My only concern is that we keep having the same crashing.
  11. I would like to not see things get banned either but than again my partner and I have always believed when we log out things should go off, since it's not fair to leave things running all night. We have a lot of fun not using world anchors or tethers because we don't need them. It may be slow but we get there and we enjoy it all the more so. We're enjoying the wholesome recreation with all the wonderful people we've met and that's good for us to take our time and stay awhile. I use the low level mk1 and get by fine, I can't imagine what people want to do with all the materials they're creating generators for, because after you've gotten all that stuff, it just sits because you've pretty much gone end game at this point. I should turn off my redstone repeaters when im not using the sorter so i'll have to ask for some help with how to do that. We'd really like the server and really want to build something beautiful for everyone to see. I do think many of us are like minded in the way we play. We want to get our own resources build nice things and enjoy the game. It seemed to me the server was about being mature and being creative and for those who can't do that I feel than this server is just not for you. It may not sound nice, but it is fair to play with people who have the same objective as the op and everyone else. When many of us build things while keeping other people in mind, and try to be considerate of people on the server. I always ask to make sure if what I'm about to build is going to hurt someone or cause trouble. I feel at this point all of us are old enough to know when in doubt just don't do it, ask first. So it's more than just being like minded and mature, the owner of the server is also looking for considerate and respectful beings. I don't know if I've said too much or stepped on someone's toes. I apologize if I did, it just that it does get frustrating for many of us who have a hard day and want to enjoy it building and being with friends and we can't.
  12. I'm going to guess it's nothing to do with land regen and more to do with people still not listening about BC Pipes, and the World Anchors. We've got quite a lot of new people this week again. Though I'll admit 1.2.5 for Tekkit has been the buggiest of the versions I've ever experienced. Normally servers can handle you traveling quite a ways and still hold up. So this dropping and crashing the server i doubt is that normally it's something that causes high animation and that's usually a huge spout of fires that can cause that. A lot of drops on the ground, or a mass amount of lava or water flow. Or at worst a high amount of nukes or explosives being set off. Which is my fear when we are able to get on, has occurred.
  13. Oh and i think this problem was occurring last night as well because narziez and I couldn't get in at all through the entire night. Only when i went to bed i think he managed to get on when you logged on. I think you're problem occurred even before than. You might have to load the back up far back to when the server was actually working.
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