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  1. Name:Kaanfrk Age:14 What do you wish to accomplish? I want to make a small town and make it my base. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Yes what is the purpose of a macerator? It's main purpose is to turn ores into a double amount of dusts, which can be used in making carbon plates, smelting into ingots, and combining to form a new ingot (Bronze) Recommendations(if you been invited): No, I just found this server myself. Others things i should know: The purpose of macerator question can be easily answered by those who don't know, just by scrolling up. I was admin on 4 servers, and mod on several. I'm an active and friendly person.
  2. Your In-game Name- Kaanfrk What you like to do on Minecraft- building, socializing and helping. Which number has a larger positive value, -1500 or 1000?- 1000, -1500 is negative value [Optional] An essay of any length on your favorite historical figure- I have 2 but I'm lazy to type essays
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