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  1. oooohhhhhh ok i understand now and sorry for the late response i got busy then i forgot.
  2. I feel like mod packs are being abandoned. I think this because first with tekkit, after 1.2.5 they move on to tekkit lite, when have they ever updated since tekkit lite? Then just recently they got a space tekkit (i like to call it that), so are they abandoning the packs or making more and updating the others very slowly?
  3. ok thank you hes lazy at submitting reports and asking for help because he thinks it's not worth it when in reality it would save time just to fix the problem. also he thinks it's his outside internet he thinks it's broken a bit.
  4. hey cheap shot this may not be exactly as the bug error posted is but i have a question my friend uses java 7 with windows 7 64 bit and when he gets on the newest launcher all he sees is mod-pack mod-pack mod-pack like there's non whats so ever i don't know if it's illegal to do this but I've been having him take my .minecraft which i made it so it is tekkit lite but minecraft form and him using it so he can get on my server do you know why he can't use the launcher? (P.S. if it is illegal i will not do ti again i promise, and nice suicide animation XD)
  5. guys the latest 1.4.7 bukkit will work if you crash with build 257 here's the fix delete everything and start serve before the server can re install the core mods put in the 257 version int he core mods folder after that start server up and it should work (it worked for me) hope this helps. Edit:reason why it wasn't crashing was because there was no core mods i saw that now
  6. Title: no charge solar panel Version: 0.6.1 OS: windows 7 HP laptop 64 bit Java Version: java 7 update 17 (not completely sure he given up on almost all hope) Description of Problem: my friend is getting this solar panel glitch which it won't change a mfe at all i fixed it once but later it stopped pictures: picture 2: picture 3 picture 4: please help guys Error Messages: none Error Log: none
  7. 1.i am using avg and sticking to it it's only for virus protection nothing else so i als0 use spy bot and CCleaner for the other computer killing programs out there. 2.if i did agree with you what would you recommend norton or mcafee theres virus's which can take down computers very easily with those also norton most of the time only finds the virus when it's already on the computer avg finds it for me when i start to download it. and if it's avast yes it is one of the best but to get a license it's like 100 dollars. 3.guys hes my dad just because you guys "could" be right doesn't mean i wo
  8. my friend says it's his outside internet and it's not very good with the outside internet see if you can fix it or if there's a problem.
  9. then is your java like mine the latest then if not i can't help you (mine is like i said 7 update 17)
  10. how is it insecure exactly I've been using java 7 for a wile I've heard of security problems but how is it that much that you need to be scared of it?
  11. How will it not work? It says it needs 1.6 if it says that it means he needs it right? Or is it that the computer is confused?
  12. to redirect it you need to click setting for custom pack/any other packs then click where you want to save it if not could i see a few pictures? (i use java 7 update 17) Edit: I need pictures to see if i can help you that's why i asked. to put pictures on i always go to imgur.com upload the pictures click upload pictures on the post put the link of the picture so save a picture to upload it you need to press printscreen/sysrq button on your key board go to a default icon like paint and go to edit and click paste then save it to desktop.
  13. after what name_guy said i tried out 253 it worked let me try 254 again... yah tested it something about bukkit forge that's higher then 253 is crashing me does any one know why and if not is essentials working with 253?
  14. Title: bukkit forge Version: 0.6.1 OS: windows xp professional 64 bit edition. Java Version: java 7 update 17 Description of Problem: bukkit forge has never been a problem to install but why it is having problems now? I also shortened the log a bit so if you need it all tell me. Error Messages: non Error Log: 2013-03-21 11:54:01 [iNFO] [sTDOUT] THIS SERVER IS RUNNING BUKKITFORGE null-null. JUST IN CASE SOMEONE ASKS! 2013-03-21 11:54:01 [iNFO] [sTDERR] Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: gm 2013-03-21 11:54:01 [iNFO] [sTDERR] at
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