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  1. I would miss IC2 in so many ways, I would rather have ic2 and thermal expansion, but the best part about all of this is, you can add it yourself! That's pretty awesome in itself that you can add pretty much any mods you want if you can get them to work with others without too many issues. IC2 is just to me, It's one of the biggest mods in tekkit and I really wouldn't want it to be removed. If it is oh well I can easily add it back in. Excited for this new tekkit update!
  2. if/when it is removed, how would I go about getting "Tekkit Lite" again? will I be able to download it from somewhere again and use it in the "custom" modpack slot?
  3. Will we still be able to play tekkit lite once the new tekkit is released? Will we still be able to select it from the launcher? I really like tekkit lite for my small tiny servers that me and my friends play on and its extremely easy to setup and use, and all in all its just convenient. So the question is, will I still be able to play tekkit lite once the new tekkit is released?
  4. Blue Alloy ingots are a component of redpower 2. I need to know the mod that allows me to craft all these items into storage blocks such as coal block charcoal block, blue alloy block, red alloy block, redstone block, nikolite block etc.
  5. I REALLY need to know what mod this is as I am trying to find a sphax 128x patch for it and I cannot for the life of me find out what mod this is from. Can someone please tell me?
  6. Dude, this is badass. Thanks a ton, I'm gonna try it out. Does this only work for chunks that are already loaded or? This is truly amazing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
  7. Look, I don't know if i can be a ton of help but I had this problem once, If your playing in LAN/singleplayer it happens, I made a tekkit lite server with the server.jar and just made it a local server and joined and everything worked perfectly. The blocks don't update for me either on singleplayer/singleplayer LAN
  8. I have had this too. What I did was set the spawnpoint, by using /setspawn out of the hole, also if you have forge essentials im pretty sure you can do /spawnpoint <playername> to set a player specific spawnpoint for that player.
  9. I see stuff like Thorns and Dysjunction and all this weird stuff, can someone tell me what they do? I am curious to see what Thorns does.
  10. IS this going to be patched or what? Is it supposed to be like this? (enchanting electric tools) You know what, even if it is a bug it makes sense. You have to have a enchanted book, if you get a enchanted book you don't like and enchant it you have to spend materials that are EXPENSIVE to make a new drill. It takes forever to get a enchanted book that you want.
  11. What about enchanted pickaxes and stuff like that? What would be better, a mining laser or a pickaxe with fortune 1 or something along those lines, same goes for the stuff like the nano saber, etc
  12. For nether mining what should I use? A diamond drill or a mining laser? The mining laser apparently can destroy some of the blocks but allows you to mine faster and not anger zombie pigmen, the diamond drill doesn't have a chance of "destroying" blocks and not having them drop anything. What should I use? Where can I find nether diamond in tekkit lite? What Y level should I mine on?
  13. You forgot about lava, lava behind glass looks pretty cool, also luminators that do require electricity you could hook up a water strainer to a energy link to a pump that pumps into the other water strainers which then powers the luminators, at first it only requires a jump start from a generator or other power source to start the pump to power the water strainer thats touching the energy link, after it turns green and starts generating power its all smooth sailing from there.
  14. I'm using the default texturepack as I do not like sphax, also you may want to check this out, just as a helpful tip
  15. I like to go nether mining but the ores are nearly impossible to spot unless your REALLY close and even then its still hard to see, what should I do? does anyone else have trouble with this?