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  1. get well epy! come by my base when your online, i pimped its surrounding so much!
  2. i have totally pimped the surrounding of my base- necromancer style! + i have a second eye tower now :P
  3. whoever made the bar and brewry can finish it or remove it? it is SO furstrating checking it every time i log in and its there for weeks :/ p.s i made a pit of despair in the market XD check it out! p.p.s when i re-look at the server, there are so many unfinished projects in the server! am i the only one that keeps logging in almost daily? >< havnt seen anyone online for too long :/
  4. NOW OPEN! - Finger's Awesome Arcade Of Snake (worm) And Awesomness!! - NOW OPEN!!
  5. i am a pretty good artist too but DAMN! those are some good drawings! makes me feel shitty again XD
  6. ks, i have sent you a pm with a small suggestion/request and you didnt answer me... did you see it?
  7. uploading episode 5 of my series about the server (i recorded it last week but had time to edit only now...) its about mass fabricating! but i have a spacial visitor :3 heres my channle for those who dont know http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBigStudent?feature=mhee
  8. garrett, as you can see, i am using collectors, but also- you can see i never run out of things to do, and allways online (when i can ) you can see that i dont abuse my RM and i have practically made only three items that use them (armor, flight ring and katar) i wouldnt like to see a server full of giant quarries that all together will supply materials that are not sufficiant to a single HV solar array... i practically use collectors just so i dont contaminate the area with giant holes (that also cause lag) premissions will be a perfect solution (for now) in my opinion because it gives ks, garret, epy and the other admins the ability to know who can be trusted with "end items" and who can not. i do not think that collectors take out the fun of the game because they allow you to use the full potential of your imagination and creativity, while still creating more and more materials in legit ways too. i know i am "the 1 precent" here but ill love it if you will understand me. i only wish to add that in the occation of ks and the admins deciding to remove the "end items" i will keep playing on the server and enjoy it as much as i do now. i do not have to have the EE items but they do add to the game in my opinion.
  9. ks, i do agree that some peeps shuld be banned and that EE is sometimes op but i think that in the last few days you were a bit too harsh on EE... i mean- it is a bit cheaty but its not like it ruins the game if you have a creative mind and the urge to play! if you like the game enough and are creative EE shuldnt ruin your game... and if it does- simply dont use it! im sorry if this will be looked at as a rant, its just that i like EE and i hate when peeps go so harsh with it...
  10. oh boy, drama at the resilience HQ? well i hope that the fact you stopped a greifer in advance and removed tons of lag inducing machinery will get the server working properly again... in another note- if anyone watched my videos of the server and wants to be in one of them- ill love that and you can pm me your skype :D
  11. hey everybody- the 4th episode of my resilience server series is up here
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