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  1. the picter of the baby how do i change it
  2. no just do not make fun of the police please and ho do i get rid of this pic please tell me
  3. what man stop that its not funny and it is not a bug catzo Italian
  4. I'm haveing proplemes when it has an update i go on to my firs wold that has all of my stuf it had gone can some youn tell me how to fix that proplem
  5. you need to get jave and in sal jae thats the one
  6. do you now a good texter pack plaeas leave a link

    1. Jorcer


      You are very dense.

  7. how has a good tekki texterpack
  8. dose anney one now wot good tekkit texterpack is becasue spax bdb craft makes the tekit mod look like the normal mine craft can you please put the link on my inbox thankes