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  1. hey freki its fareballs i used to go on the server and suddenly i can't anymore ,what happened?

  2. Plugins we are currently debating to included: EnderBow: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/enderbow/ Citizens2 (there's a glitch that is preventing it from loading.. will be added asap)
  3. Our server is: devildogs.servegame.com Its up 24/7 (unless I need to update something) I’ve been running this server for a year now for my friends. However I just converted our server to a Tekkit server. Since I leave it up all the time we have decided to open our world up to new players. (Even though I’ve had the server running for a long time I have recently refreshed the world so there’s next to nothing built right now. ) Rules: 1.) Don't grief.. I will ban you. 2.) Don't ask to be a moderator, I will ask you if I want you to be. 3.) Have fun, this server has no theme so you can build anywhere you want. 4.) If you need help with any of the plugins (IE: becoming a Vampire in SuperNaturals, or making a stargate.) please ask myself (FrekiGeri) or Xgrenthorx as we are the most familiar with them all. NOTHING is banned!!! I don’t see why people want to run a tekkit server then block half of it. However I do make bake-ups of the world every day so if you see this and think I’ll come in an ruin EVERYTHING! You’ll just be wasting your time. I can restore the world in 30 seconds. Plugins that we have running on the server are: Boseconomy Bpermissions Citizens 1.2 Essentials Factions MMSuperNatural players Monster apocalypse stargate TARDIS Vault I'm always looking for new plugins to add, so if you want to play on our server, you can suggest ones to add.
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