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  1. Plugins we are currently debating to included: EnderBow: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/enderbow/ Citizens2 (there's a glitch that is preventing it from loading.. will be added asap)
  2. Our server is: devildogs.servegame.com Its up 24/7 (unless I need to update something) I’ve been running this server for a year now for my friends. However I just converted our server to a Tekkit server. Since I leave it up all the time we have decided to open our world up to new players. (Even though I’ve had the server running for a long time I have recently refreshed the world so there’s next to nothing built right now. ) Rules: 1.) Don't grief.. I will ban you. 2.) Don't ask to be a moderator, I will ask you if I want you to be. 3.) Have fun, this server has no theme so you c
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