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  1. Skuli i didnt know how to type seomthing so i hit reply on this but i have a issue i would like to state a case cola/sl009 were band for greifing in outlands they were buying lots and robbign them clean basicly according to the rules on the webiste if a greifer is member of your town or is freinded to your plot it will be considerd a INTERNAL TOWN ISSUE any admins will not interfere those are your exact words but if someone has bought a plot and they greif it isnt tht allowed according to the rules its technicly a internal town issue or the person who had the plot befores issue.Dont u agree as well cola5357 and sl009 didnt get a warning and got straight perm band tthey shouldve got a temp ban i would expect because it was on THERE LAND which they OWNED so i would think thats allowed accodign to the RULES. But as well the rules say basicly it says almost anythig wrong will reult in imediate temp ban or warning as well ive heard u say yourself on the server temp ban first perm ban second please take this matter to considertation.
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