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  1. Hi everyone, Obligatory notice: I'm not asking when the next version is coming out. Ok, with that out of the way... I've been using tekkit for about a month now, and I've also been running another self-compiled mod server. I find myself torn between the two, because tekkit has a lot of the mods I want but they are all quite far behind in terms of updates (I need my railcraft iron tanks! haha). Out of curiosity, I was wondering what to expect in the upcoming version of tekkit. What is the team currently working on? A bunch of the mods look like they're approaching at least version 1.3.2
  2. Thanks for your reply, A sorting machine would actually work fine, if the input side of the pipe was only one chest. As it is, it is a network of chests, and there's no way of getting the items from the chests to the sorting machine. I don't want the sorting machines/filters right next to the chests themselves, as then I would have to break into my walls and set them every time I need to auto-build some new recipe. We really need a retriever/sorting machine combo... if only... I think what I'm going to have to do is make a "hopper" chest, where I drop all possible ingredients I'll need
  3. Hi everyone, First time using Tekkit here, and I'm pretty much enamored with these mods. Been watching direwolf20's season 2 SMP on youtube to get some ideas on how to use all of this stuff. Love everything these developers have done! Alright, with that aside, I'm having some trouble working with an modular automatic crafting system. I initially intended to design these one wide, x deep and x tall modules with a pneumatic tube in the back of the room for them to connect to my entire collection of chests. Then I could drop these in side by side and have them pull the ingredients for cra
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