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  1. In-game name: RangerGD Why would you like to join the server: Have loved playing Tekkit. Really interested in TPPI. Love having no PVP and really like the Grief Prevention plugin.
  2. Use worldthreads (found in pocket dimension chests) and an ender peral to create a rift signature. Create a linked rift at both locations using the rift signature. Place a warp door on one of those rifts. Once you go through it will create the matching warp door at the other end.
  3. Select the "Open a level" option and find the appropriate folder for your world (%appdata%/Roaming/.technic/[name of Technic pack]/saves).
  4. I just noticed that all of dimensional doors to pocket dimensions that have spawned in the world have stopped working (Tekkit 1.2.8e). I am still able to place rifts and warp doors and those work fine. The warp doors are in place for any of the pocket dimensions that I visited from the overworld, but they no longer work. I can open the door, but when I try to walk through it, it immediately closes on me. Also the dimension/warp animation is not showing up. Any of the naturally occurring doors don't have the warp door at all. Just the column of stone. Any ideas?
  5. Wasn't a chunk issue. I did finally find in the config that the max distance was set at 50. I put a basic logistics fluid pipe halfway in between and it took care of the problem.
  6. I typically use the standard hull and the coal engine. I also add the brake handle.
  7. Anyone know if there is a "limit" that a logistic pipe can be connected to the network and still receive power? I have a fluid extraction logistic pipe connected to a long series of golden transport and stone transport pipes that eventually comes back to my base. All of my logistics pipes near the base are powered, but the fluid extraction pipe is showing it is not receiving power, so I'm wondering if it is a length issue?
  8. Have you tried mining with a turtle as an alternative? I just recently tried using this OreQuarry program on a mining turtle and was pleased with the results since you can specify blocks that the turtle should try and ignore. On a 10x10 area 75 levels deep, I managed to hold everything returned by the turtle (including dirt and cobble) easily in a silver chest. (I did modify the code as it assumes the lowest level the turtle can safely dig down to is level 5, but with flat bedrock on Tekkit, I changed that to level 2 to increase chances for the turtle to find diamonds.)
  9. I agree. You need to make sure that both the planks and the sticks have a place to go. For storage I usually use a Mark II chassis pipe with a Provider module and an Item Sink module in them. Otherwise your extra planks and sticks have no place to go.
  10. I just did the same setup, but used logistics pipes instead. In the long run it is much simpler as you only have to have one pipe network for both storage and retrieval. I have a factory floor with double chests stacked 3 high as storage, and another floor with dozens of autocrafting tables so the system can make items that may not be in storage. My network retriever dumps directly into a project table, so I can build anything the network doesn't know how to build. Plus I've integrated my IC2 machinery in the network to more complex items that require those machines.
  11. After doing a little more research I've determined that the toggle latch is exactly what I need.
  12. I'm putting together a factory control program in ComputerCraft that will turn on/off my pumps, reactor, machinery, etc. I'm wondering if there is a logic gate(s) design that you might recommend that would allow me to send a red pulse through bundled cable to turn the item on/off while at the same time having a lever in the "middle" that when on allows the computer's redstone pulse to turn the device on/off, but when the lever is off the computer's pulse wouldn't have any affect. I sort of envision controlling everything from the computer, but like the idea of having a physical "override" lever that I could use to turn things off if the computer were not functioning properly.
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