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  1. Any ideas on this error... I've applied Tekkitopotamus's fix but still get the below errors. Thanks :-)
  2. Mass Materials will be provided by request, payment will be paid via paypal. This is a live server and i will not risk any ill misuse of power.
  3. About myself - My Name is Dan, im 27. I currently run a mature 48 man Tekkit server Popular in GMT evenings. The server has recently undergone a reset. The server i run is a sister server of the extremely popular Parkour/maze server It is called What I'm looking for: I'm looking for an experienced builder or team of builders willing to create an impressive themed Tekkit spawn for a cash sum of £30 roughly ($50) and a rank on the server within a short time frame. Why am i not building it?: Well unfortunately a busy work life as well as running the server on the side i do not have a lot of time to put into major projects nor do i have the knack for building impressive structures in minecraft. What spawn theme am i looking for? Well I'm looking to start the spawn on an impressive ship build in the middle of an ocean, players would then go back into the ships quarters and get teleported to a crashed beached version of the same ship. Landing outside an impressively built town. Details: Payment will be sent on project completion. Not before or during. Items will be spawned for builders Flymode - God mode can be arranged - Should these powers be used against players on the server then the agreement will be voided and the builder banned. Creative will not be made available. Builders must be mature. Interested? If you're interested please add the following details about yourself... In-Game name Age Location Portfolio/Screenshots of previous builds Ideas Questions