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  1. Not an EE bug, just happens that EE was the one it was popularized with, that bug works with multiple items across multiple mods.
  2. One of the many many bugs with the development build 3.1.3, either go back to 3.1.2 or do the fixes in this topic -> <- there's other bugs though, like NEI not really working for some of the mods and other client issues not covered by that topic... It's best just to stick with the recommended build, 3.1.2.
  3. Your best bet would actually be to fix what's causing the crash so it's not necessary for it to restart, otherwise you could look at a control panel like multicraft / mcmyadmin they usually do timeout checks and the like.
  4. Yes because EE gives you the ability to spawn every single item in the game, meaning all of them not just your precious vanilla diamonds and other emc items, with a single click... Forgot about that one...
  5. Where in my post did I say that? All I said was you cannot use the mods to their full potential without having a good supply of the base materials, which you can't. I didn't say EE is required for that, but I don't see anyone on a non-EE server making a factory to produce anything more than a basic low-level stuff like Ic2 machines. The most common use for redpower and buildcraft on a non-EE server is sorting items coming out of a quarry and that's it, yet on EE servers they are used to produce factories, machines and contraptions not even imagined by the creators and early users of the mods because without the materials to feed them no one bothers. EE did more for this game than people give it credit for, it took it from being this boring game for house builders where you have to punch rocks all day to a game of endless possibilities where the only limit to the game is your own ingenuity, the only people who deny that are vanilla players who are too attached to their god damn diamonds.
  6. Tekkit server owners have a hard time realising that with EE the economy of the game changes from DIAMONDS DIAMONDS DIAMONDS!! like it was in vanilla, to giving value to the items which have no EMC value. Then they usually go and give away red matter and thousands of econ, which can then buy plenty of those materials, for voting thereby completely reversing any effect removing collectors had on the economy... People need to get over the fact that diamonds are worthless on an EE server and realise what having that amount of EMC does for tekkit as a whole, you cannot fully use mods like redpower, buildcraft, ic2 etc to their full potential without the ability to have the base materials readily at hand. On the flip side, there is definitely a lag aspect to collectors which for servers which aren't hosted on very good pcs might propose a problem especially when people start creating large emc farms, which I outlined in another thread;
  7. You're using the wrong version of essentials, use the one for 1.2.5
  8. To be fair, if TR isn't 100% required I wouldn't use it, dreadslicer has dropped the project (for the second time now) it hasn't been updated in months except for trivial changes, plus it has countless problems with threading which on a good day will consume all of your servers cpu and on a bad day will actually crash it... That plugin is a guessing game of version hopping until you find one which is actually stable enough to use, and even then his dupe fixes don't work, the only one which actually stops duping is the RM furnace one the rest have bypasses and workarounds which still work... But either way, which version of TR are you trying to use? I doubt it's incompatibility with another plugin which is your issue...
  9. open up a GUI where the NEI options should be, such as your inventory, then press the 'O' key
  10. It has nothing to do with multiverse, it's the fact you're running 3.1.3 -> <- either use the recommended build as recommended or do the fixes mentioned in that topic.
  11. I think NAND is actually more what you are looking for, if I understand correctly you want the thermal monitor to turn on the alarm and then turn on the automatic shutdown via the wireless transmitter, and then you want a lever to be able to turn the automatic shutdown off but leave the alarm intact, if i'm right in that then yeah you need a NAND gate in a configuration like this; One input is from the thermal monitor, the other is from a lever, and the last one is from a redstone torch to keep that input always on, this screenshot is when the thermal monitor is activated but the lever is not (output remains on) Then this one, you turn the lever on and the output will go off Is that what you are looking for?
  12. Using filters etc inline is pretty easy, you just have to remember that the items when pushed into the tube network will go to the first valid destination, so you can end up with everything going into 1 filter and not going to any of the others if you aren't careful also inline filters don't need a redstone pulse to output their items, what goes in goes straight out... This is my RP2 quarry sorter example which I use inline filters to sort the junk like dirt/cobble from the ores/goodies -> it's a bit big so I won't embed it, so clicky clicky!
  13. a NOR gate is so much simpler -.- Inputs off -> Output on Any input on -> Output off
  14. Use a NOR Gate, it will output a constant redstone signal until an input is turned on at which point it's output turns off.