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  1. Oh, I thought you abandoned me xD. I'd appreciate it if you could get my modpack to work though. I've had no success and have tried multiple times :/
  2. Hey Luke? Do you think you could try my modpack now? I know it's a lot to ask, but that Jonjon dude hasn't said anything past his post like 5 days ago.
  3. No response from Jonjon, I still have no luck. And it's the weekend xD... Halp please naow ?
  4. It was either Galacticraft or Flans Mod. And it told me "Can't find these mods: Forge". So I upgraded the Forge version and a full force of FML's butthurt hit me. And after that my launcher started having troubles (wtf?) so I deleted .technic and redownloaded everything and I started anew xD.
  5. That's the way I was building my pack. Then FML and a bunch of other stuff just went psycho and decided it didn't wanna work anymore.
  6. God I probably sound like a downy with all my whining and errors xD. I'm wondering if something doesn't run with Forge, will that cause it to do what Forge is doing now? Right before the menu, where FML is supposed to start, it flashes, white, black, white, and then goes to Mojang and starts up as vanilla.
  7. Okay. What the hell. I got it all together. I used your pack template. I put it in Dropbox, had Technic host it, downloaded it, and my launcher downloads it. Then when I start it up after downloading, FML doesn't even run and then it gets to the menu and it says it's a Vanilla MC, version 1.5.1... Did I do anything wrong here O_e...? I'm wondering if it's my launcher, because Forge isn't loading on ANYTHING I do.
  8. Ah, yes. Thank you. Okay, I'm gonna retry Jax's with this.
  9. Yupp, didn't work -.- I have too many troubles with FML. What the hell, at least I tried xD... :
  10. Well I'll get working on that, considering it sounds easy as pie. Hopefully it'll take a little work off of Luke's hands xD.
  11. I hope they make it Forge compatible. It'd be cool to have it alongside something such as Buildcraft and/or Industrialcraft. Do you have a link to where I can track it so I know when it comes out?
  12. Luke. Did you do Jax's modpack? I'll try and help with what I can. I know how to make modpacks, I just have trouble with Forge on mine.
  13. Lukeb, you commented in my thread xD. I'll give a link back to it. It has the mods in it and it looks like the guy that was trying bailed (not sure though). EDIT: The thread has been going for only today and yesterday. I'm just anxious xD. He might've though, you never know xP. Here you go: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/make-me-a-pack-please-you-kind-souls-_.41700/
  14. Haha, okay. I'll PM you too I guess . Jonjon, any luck?
  15. Yeah sure . This all depends on jonjon though xD.
  16. Should I put it up for download if jonjon gets it working? Or I could just send you a link or something xD.
  17. That's what I was having. It'd all come together, no errors, and then I'd have a problem with FML.
  18. Yeah, I said I had launcher errors. But I still had problems with Forge.
  19. Oh, jonjon, I've just noticed that 2 mods listed are a little broad (Invisible Pane mod, shutter mod). I'll post the link for what I'm talking about: They're both covered in there. And a link to some Japanese website is in the description (O_e?)
  20. If it was as easy as you just said, I would'nt be on the forums asking for help. I try myself before I go onto forums xD. I think I mostly had problems with the Forge versions and a little with the launcher. I'm hoping someone a little more successful could get those parts right. I went as far to see that Logisitcs Pipes isn't compatible with another mod. And as soon as I added GalactiCraft, my launcher started saying it had errors and wouldn't "connect to Minecraft". It was really frustrating. And I'm 80% sure that Thermal Expansion isn't in Tekkit Classic. I think it's in Tekkit Lite tho
  21. Thank you ! Here they are. It's quite a few. I want it to be a combination of Tekkit, Voltz, and Feed The Beast, with a little bit more mods that add extra chaos and science (Ex: Flans mod, Ferullo's Guns Mod, Galacticraft.) But here's the list: Utilities: NEI (w/ Whatever addons are deemed necessary) InvTweaks Rei's Minimap Starting Inventory Forge/FML (Obviously xD) Mods Not Included In Either: Backpack Galacticraft Flans Mod BMW Car Mod Shutter Mod Invisble Pane Mod Ferullo's Guns Mod 2 Emashers mods (Defense, GasCraft): http://emashersmods.wikispaces.com/Downloads MineCh
  22. I was wondering if any *EXTREMELY* kind souls could make me a private pack? It's a shiz-ton of mods that just hate me (I've spent literal hours trying to make it to no avail). I will post the list of mods if someone is willing to help this retard here out ? Please and thank you to all that try.
  23. I would like to have one created . But it might challenge you 'cause I want quite a few mods in it. I've spent hours on it trying to get it to at least run and I run into so many problems that I just want to punch my computer right in its screen o_e...
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